Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date, Cast and The Trailer

After a lengthy wait, season 6 of Black Mirror is finally on the way.

It’s true that it’s been four years since we last saw Charlie Brooker’s horrifying creation on screen, but now we not only have a release date and trailer for the new season, but we also know the titles of the five episodes that are sure to traumatize us. That day is coming, and we cannot wait.

There will be five unique storylines starring the outstanding cast, which includes Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek, and Kate Mara, among many others.

Meanwhile, Brooker has stated that he intends for this season to be vastly different from his previous efforts.

This is everything we know about the upcoming sixth season of Black Mirror. Why don’t we watch the best episodes of the show while we wait? Or maybe you just need a refresher on how to watch the series in the proper order?

Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date

Season 6 of Black Mirror will premiere on Netflix in June 2023.

Although we don’t have one just yet, we expect a release date announcement to be made very soon.

When Brooker broke the exciting news, he remarked, “I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people — and myself — or else what’s the point?” A good TV show defies categorization and is always innovating.

“Partly as a challenge, and partly to keep things fresh for both me and the viewer, I began this season by deliberately upending some of my own core assumptions about what to expect.”

Who is in the Cast of Black Mirror Season 6?

Who is in the Cast of Black Mirror Season 6

Numerous A-list actors have been engaged to bring these terrifying stories to life. Starring in the sixth season are:

  • Aaron Paul
  • Anjana Vasan
  • Annie Murphy
  • Auden Thornton
  • Ben Barnes
  • Clara Rugaard
  • Daniel Portman
  • Danny Ramirez
  • David Shields
  • Himesh Patel
  • John Hannah
  • Josh Hartnett
  • Kate Mara
  • Michael Cera
  • Monica Dolan
  • Myha’la Herrold
  • Paapa Essiedu
  • Rob Delaney
  • Rory Culkin
  • Salma Hayek Pinault
  • Samuel Blenkin
  • Zazie Beetz

Some of our cast members’ characters are hinted at in the plot summaries, while Hayek has been confirmed to play a character based on herself. Joan is Awful also features Annie Murphy and Michael Cera.

Beyond the Sea also features Josh Hartnett and Kate Mara, and features Aaron Paul, while Mazey Day features Zazie Beetz.

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Season 6 of Black Mirror Teaser

Recently, the tense teaser for Black Mirror season 6 was published.

View it down here!


The sixth season of Black Mirror will premiere on Netflix in June 2023.

The planned sequel will differ from the original in a few key ways, but otherwise, it will have the same comic action, high-speed chases, and a lot of comedy of mistakes. Will you be tuning in to the season premiere? Please share your thoughts with us by using the comment section below. For the most updated information on this and other upcoming series, please visit our official website at

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