Body of Missing Midland Woman Found, One Arrested

The corpse of Madeline Pantoja, 20, was discovered in a location near East County Road 190 and County Road 1160, according to the Midland Police Department.

Her murder and disappearance are under investigation, and an autopsy is forthcoming.

The tweet below confirms the news:

On May 10, witnesses reported hearing argumentative noises coming from Pantoja’s apartment building.

Her ex-boyfriend, Mario Juan Chacon, 24, has come under fire from family and friends for allegedly having the only key to her flat, which was locked when friends arrived to check in after calls and texts went unanswered. Pantoja’s dog, pocketbook, and phone were all still in that flat.

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Since then, Chacon has been accused of murder. He was apprehended on Saturday. Chacon’s photograph was not immediately accessible.

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