Break-In and Attempted Rape Lead to Arrest in East Lake

An individual is in custody in connection with a house invasion and attempted rape in East Lake, according to the Chattanooga Police Department.

Juan Montejo Francisco, 27, of 3222 7th Ave., acknowledged the heist on Thursday and said he used the proceeds to pay his rent and electricity bill.

A lady told police officers, through an interpreter, that her husband had departed for work at 7:30 a.m. when they were called to her home on E. 36th Street. She claims that somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m., she heard the unlocked front door open and close.

She said that while she was asleep, a guy entered her bedroom door and walked in, armed with a knife. He allegedly demanded money in English, according to her. Once she explained that she did not understand English, he rephrased the demand in Spanish.

Break-In and Attempted Rape Lead to Arrest in East Lake

The victim stated that the guy held a box cutter to her throat while demanding her wallet contents. The sum in question was $300 in hard currency.

According to her, he also coerced her into emptying her piggy bank of $1,500.

The man allegedly put the knife away and urged the woman to come onto the bed. According to her, he tried to rip her clothes off by tugging at her top and skirt. She stated that she climbed to the top of the bed and jumped through the window.

She claimed he bolted out the front door and into a white, maybe mid-size car with black wheels. They were headed down Rossville Boulevard, in his car.

A detective who had been handed a video of the car was able to track it down later that day. Francisco, the driver, was detained and transferred to the Police Services Center for questioning.

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