Brittney Griner Dunked Again After Over 10 Months In Russia

Brittney Griner is back in the US and dunking after being held in Russia for almost 10 months. Brittney Griner, who has won two gold medals at the Olympics, is back on a basketball court. She just got back to the US after being held in Russia for months, which made her very happy.

But she is still getting used to life in the US, and the fight by WNBA players for equal rights as professional athletes in the US is far from over. Griner’s 10-month jail time was a big deal because she had gone to Russia to play basketball during the WNBA offseason.

Griner’s agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas, told CNN on Monday that her first move on a Texas basketball court on Sunday was a dunk.

Colas said Griner wore black Chuck Taylor shoes, Phoenix Suns shorts, and a T-shirt about Title IX while she played. ESPN was the first to report this. Colas said that when Griner was being held in Russia before her trial, she was given a basketball and a hoop, but she didn’t want to play.

“I think it’s safe to say that her voluntarily picking up a ball and making a dunk as her first move was very encouraging,” Colas said. “She was very happy.”

The 32-year-old woman had arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio two days earlier for a routine checkup. She had been released from jail on Thursday, which US officials said was wrong. During the war between Russia and Ukraine, she was given her freedom in exchange for the well-known Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Colas said it’s not clear how long Griner will stay at the hospital.

Brittney Griner Dunked Again After Over 10 Months In Russia.


Colas said, “She’s had a lot of emotional help.” “There are a lot of resources. It’s very helpful and focused on BG. It’s about her getting more independent.”

Griner’s agent thinks that she will try to “use her fame for good,” but he did not say how. Colas said that Griner chose to join the Post Isolation Support Activities (PISA) programme, which has helped other Americans who were wrongfully detained.

Also, it’s not clear if the centre for the Phoenix Mercury will come back to the WNBA. The 2023 season will start on May 19, and training camps usually start a month before that.

Colas told ESPN’s T.J. Quinn, “If she wants to play, it will be up to her to share.” “She can relax over the holidays and figure out what to do next without feeling rushed. She is doing incredibly well. She seems to have done some pretty amazing things to get through this.”

But the fact that Griner usually plays basketball in Russia during the off-seasons of the WNBA shows how unfair things are for professional women athletes in the US, said other WNBA players.

Since many years ago, WNBA players have spent their off-seasons playing in international leagues, where they can often make more money.

Elizabeth Williams, a player for the Washington Mystics and secretary for the Women’s National Basketball Players Association, told CNN on Monday, “We’ve been talking about the pay gap for a long time, and players have been going overseas for a long time.”

“I think this is the time when people are starting to realise… the risks and dangers of people going overseas and the effects of pay equity issues.”

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