Cancer Patient From Shively Gathers Money For His Own Burial

A Shively man who only had months to live did the unimaginable and gathered money for his own funeral.

Kevin Hatfield said, “I get the easy part of this you know, the light switch goes out.”

Hatfield and his wife Becca said the news they got on October 19, 2021, impacted their lives irrevocably. Colon cancer in Hatfield has been identified.

The pain kept him up at night, as did the thought of abandoning his family without support.

“I asked for help and received it,” he said.

He asked his pals for financial assistance to cover his final expenses when he was 44 years old.

Hatfield added, “Now I can sleep a bit easier knowing my funeral’s paid for.”

As Becca Hatfield, Hatfield’s wife, put it, “I knew that I would have to reach out for support, and that stayed in the back of my mind and apparently it was in the back of his mind.”

Cancer Patient From Shively Gathers Money For His Own Burial

However, Hatfield and his wife claim that this wasn’t their hardest fight. Kevin battled addiction for a number of years before choosing to receive assistance. He has now been sober for six years.

He reconnected with old pals while he was in rehab.

On behalf of Hatfield, friends went above and above by helping to plan a motorcycle rally and fundraising event.

In actuality, Hatfield claimed, “They taught me how to live, and they’re telling me that I’m their hero when in all reality they’re my hero.”

So, in addition to continuing to fight and having friends by his side, he is also making an effort to assist others in drying their tears.

“That’s what God sent me here for,” Hatfield remarked. “If I can get out of that bed one more day to help one more person it’s what I’m gonna do.”

However, Hatfield claimed that other activities besides consoling filled his days. He’s also expressing gratitude to everyone he’s ever known.

“I would love just to walk by each and every one of them and give them a hug and tell them what they mean to me,” Hatfield said. “That would be the only other wish I would have on this Earth.”

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