Greek: Cappie’s Real Name Finally Revealed on Series Finale

The true identity of Cappie has finally been exposed in the season four finale of Greek. Read below to find out.

Cappie Real Name

What is Cappy’s real name in Greek?

In the final five minutes of the series finale, it was revealed that “Cappie” was just a moniker and that his real name was “Captain John Paul Jones.”

Why is Cappie called Bing?

To his dismay, the Kappas weren’t as accepting of Evan as they were of Cappie, despite his impressive beard. Joe claimed that Evan fell between a bid and a ding, so the gang dubbed him “Bing” (no recommendation). Casey, Cappie, and Evan all started their relationship in a rush.

In Greek, who does Casey end up with?

They started dating, but Casey was left waiting for Cappie to pick her up for the ball. After seeing Cappie defend Casey, Frannie confronted him. Casey, however, chose to attend the prom with Evan, and the two eventually became an item by night’s end.

What happens between Casey and Evan?

After the kiss, Casey is torn between her feelings for Evan and her affection for Izzie, and she eventually breaks up with Evan to be with Izzie in the eighth episode.

In Cappie the Greek, who plays the leading role?

The series features Captain “Cappie” John Paul Jones as a significant player. At Cyprus-Rhodes University, he led the Kappa Tau Gamma fraternity there as President. His KT siblings included Egyptian Joe and Rusty Cartwright. The Amphora Society welcomed him as one of their own as well.

Who are the parents of Cappie in Cappie?

Cappie’s parents, Tobias and April, first appear in the 18th episode of Season 3. Unfortunately, the purpose of their trip was to break the news of their separation from Cappie. Cappie has officially declared a major in Philosophy.

Who was the first person Cappie loved?

The first person Cappie ever truly loved was Casey. He calls her his soul mate and says being with her is his ultimate goal. In their first year at college, Casey and Cappie met at a Kappa Tau party when Evan made the first move. Six months into their relationship, he forgot to take her to the All Greek Ball, which was the final straw.

What happens to Rebecca and Cappie in Greek?

But in the fourth season, they split up because Rebecca feels he is withdrawing from her. He can begin making amends with his parents with Rusty’s assistance. Cappie, who was first uninterested in Greek life, eventually became President of the rowdy Kappa Tau fraternity.

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