Cartels Are A Problem In The Area Where 31 Bodies Were Found In Secret Graves

On Thursday, Mexican authorities said that they had excavated 31 dead from two unmarked graves in the country’s western region. Jalisco state, namely the municipality of San Isidro Mazatepec, has been hard struck by violence associated with organised crime, and the first grave was discovered there on February 1. After several days of digging and removing bags holding bodies, a second grave was uncovered.

We have tallied 31 victims so far,” Jalisco state prosecutor Luis Joaquin Mendez said.

In Mexico, the state of Jalisco, which is ruled by the formidable Jalisco New Generation Cartel, has experienced some of the worst levels of organized crime-related violence. A total of 301 people were found dead in the state in 41 unmarked graves last year, with the greatest number ever being 544 in the year 2020.

Since 2006, as the government’s battle on drug cartels escalated, the homicide rate in Mexico has risen from 9.6 in 2006 to 28 in 2021, an increase of more than 300 percent.

Cartel members may have mutilated “America’s Favorite Pet,” the dog.

Around half of the victims found this week can be identified and delivered to their relatives, according to Jalisco prosecutor Joaquin Mendez.

People in the community are frequently killed in the crossfire. Almost a hundred thousand persons were listed as missing by the government as of late last year. Authorities in Mexico have had a hard time allocating the time and other resources necessary to find the hidden graves where gangs bury their victims for years.

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As a result of institutional inaction, many families led by mothers, have organized into search groups called “colectivos” to look for their missing loved ones.

CBS News’ Haley Ott traveled to Nayarit, a state in northern Mexico, to spend a day with the members of a particular colectivo in 2018. Everyone in the group had suffered a personal loss, and they met twice a week to look for graves, usually with the help of local residents who had information.

Maria, a member of the gang, told CBS that she had been hunting for her son for months after he was abducted off the street and shoved into a van while she rushed after him.

“They seized him. He was in a truck a street away,” she added. “Everyone has someone they can compare their own children to, whether it’s a sister, a partner, or a parent. Many walks of life can be found here. To look for anything like this is why we came.”

Cartels have expanded their attacks in recent years to include mothers looking for their lost children. Between 2021 and 2022, there were at least five homicides.

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