Cassie Carli’s Cause of Death: Body Of Florida Woman Was Discovered in Shallow Grave in Alabama

A county coroner told Law&Crime on Monday that the circumstances surrounding the death of 37-year-old Florida mother Cassie Carli are “undetermined.”

Because the investigation is still underway, St. Clair County Coroner Dennis Russell, in a brief phone interview with Law&Crime, declined to answer any additional questions concerning the autopsy.

The jury selection for the trial of her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Spanevelo, 35, accused of obstructing the inquiry into her brief disappearance, was due to begin on the same day. On March 27, the day she was scheduled to meet him to exchange custody of their baby daughter, Carli vanished without a trace. The gathering occurred in a restaurant called Juana’s Pagodas in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

A member of Carli’s family received a text from an unknown number claiming that Carli was having automobile issues and that Spanevelo was paying her to “do some chores around his house.” She left her car at the restaurant, and her relatives stated they had recovered her purse, but her phone was taken from it.

Cassie Carli Cause of Death

Days later, authorities in Alabama—where Marcus Spanevelo had been living and working—found her body. Authorities believe Carli’s body belonged to Spanevelo and that he was buried in a shallow grave in a barn on land in Springville. As a resident of the Birmingham region, Spanevelo was a local. There, in the Volunteer State, police detained him.

But he’s just facing charges of evidence tampering and providing false information to police during their investigation. After he delivered a cheek swab, the misdemeanor count of refusing to produce a DNA sample was dismissed.

The defense for Spanevelo asked on Thursday to exclude evidence of “potential kidnapping, murder, manslaughter, illegal disposal of human remains,” among other probable offenses.

Assistant Public Defender Nicholas M. Thomas argued that “there is no valid reason why the witnesses would be unable to attest that there was an active missing person or felony criminal investigation, as indicated in the Information,” without providing details about the uncharged crimes.

Jury selection has been set for the following Monday, October 17.

According to an April WEAR article, Spanevelo’s aunt insisted that he was innocent. Neiva Spanevelo claimed that her nephew was framed during the investigation and characterized the whole thing as suspicious.

She prompted us to “just think about it” by saying.

She said he was a good dad who worked hard and was always there for his daughter.

In April, Sheriff Bob Johnson of Santa Rosa County, Florida, disproved the suspect’s innocence statement.

In court, “he’s going to get his day in court,” he reportedly told WEAR. But I can say this much: The proof we have is indisputable.

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