Prince Andrew’s Accuser Drops “Mistaken” Charges Against Alan Dershowitz

Charges Against Alan Dershowitz: Virginia Giuffre had claimed that she was trafficked to attorney Alan Dershowitz (above) between the years of 2000 and 2002 by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but Dershowitz has always disputed her allegations.

Is Alan Dershowitz Facing Any Particular Charges?

The American woman who accused Prince Andrew of sex trafficking and won millions believes she “may have been misinformed” about accusing Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

On Tuesday, Virginia Roberts Giuffre withdrew her prolonged lawsuit against Dershowitz, admitting she may have been incorrect when she accused the former lawyer for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein of having sex with her as a Florida teenager.

Giuffre, Dershowitz, and one of Giuffre’s previous attorneys, David Boies, said in a joint statement that their many defamation cases against one other over the last six years, based on Giuffre’s charges against prominent individuals concerning suspected sex trafficking, had been settled and dismissed.

USA TODAY reported that all pending litigation was dismissed with prejudice. The statement says neither side pays for the resolution. “I’m happy,” Dershowitz told USA TODAY via phone. “Thanks. She ultimately acknowledged she misidentified me.”

Giuffre claimed she “long suspected” Epstein trafficked her to Dershowitz, who has rejected the claims since 2015. Her accusations against Prince Andrew garnered the greatest attention.

“However, I was extremely young at the time, it was a very difficult and terrible atmosphere, and Mr. Dershowitz has from the beginning continuously refuted these charges,” Giuffre, 39, added. “I think I misidentified Mr. Dershowitz. My family and I want to conclude this case and move forward.”

Charges Against Alan Dershowitz
Dershowitz, who defended former President Donald Trump, denied having sex with Giuffre. After her charges against Andrew, the Duke of York and second son of Queen Elizabeth II, went worldwide in January 2015, and the identities of other individuals Giuffre accused made headlines, he stated so loudly and openly.

“I have nevertheless come to feel that at the time she charged me she believed what she stated,” Dershowitz said through his lawyer, Imran Ansari. “Ms. Giuffre should be rewarded for publicly admitting she may have been wrong about me.”

He praised Giuffre for fighting the “evil of sex trafficking” and claimed she had “suffered tremendously at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein,” his former client who committed suicide in a New York jail in 2019. Boies’ prior representation of Giuffre led to defamation litigation between Dershowitz and Boies. Those lawsuits are dismissed.

Dershowitz admitted to being “mistaken” about Boies. “I also now feel that my charges that David Boies engaged in an extortion conspiracy and in suborning perjury were wrong,” Dershowitz stated. Boies admitted that Dershowitz had “suffered immensely” from the sexual assault charges and Giuffre from the “weight” of her many litigations.

“I agree with Mr. Dershowitz and Ms. Giuffre that this dispute should conclude and move on,” Boies stated. “I appreciate Mr. Dershowitz acknowledging that I did not extort or perjure. I wish them well and accept their words in good faith.”
Giuffre, a western Australian mother of three, has won millions from Epstein-related litigation.

In 2009, Epstein paid her $500,000 to settle a lawsuit accusing him of employing her as a teenager to sexually serve him at his Palm Beach, Florida house. In 2017, she settled a slander case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, and employee, who was convicted in 2021 of enticing adolescent girls to Epstein’s sexual abuse.

After filing a case against Prince Andrew in federal court in New York in 2021, Giuffre secured an undisclosed settlement from him in January, expected to range from approximately $4 million to $16 million. She claimed that the prince had trafficked and sexually assaulted her when she was 17.

Andrew, 62, and Buckingham Palace disputed the charges, damaging his image before a catastrophic BBC interview in 2019. After the interview and settlement, Queen Elizabeth II divested Andrew of his patronages and military affiliations.

After the queen’s death, Andrew is still royally unwelcome. He has only appeared at family ceremonies like his parents’ funerals, and he may not attend the king’s coronation in May.

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