Chloe Coleman Parents: Is She On Instagram?

Chloe Coleman portrays the daughter of a math teacher in the recent romantic drama film Marry Me, starring Jennifer Lopez and Maluma.

Marry Me, which will be published on February 11 (three days before Valentine’s Day) joins the steady stream of romantic comedies that have been coming out every day. Kat Valdez, a famous singer, intended to marry her on-stage beau Bastian in front of a huge crowd.

Minutes before the wedding, she watches a video of her fiance kissing someone else and has a change of heart, eventually marrying a complete stranger who was holding a “marry me” sign. The film chronicles the lives of the newlyweds as they discover love despite their dire surroundings.

Who Are Chloe Coleman’s Parents?

On November 23, 2008, in Los Angeles, California, Chloe Coleman was born to parents Stephen A. Coleman and Allison Coleman. She’s 13 years old and was born in the year that shook up the world economy.

Her father, a camera operator from Norristown, Pennsylvania, has been nominated for an Emmy. Her mother is a well-known figure in Hollywood as a four-time Emmy Award-winning television producer. In addition, she appreciates being a part of the prestigious DGA and ATAS.

Mia Coleman, her younger sister, is also an actor and a member of SAG/AFTRA. They developed a tight-knit sense of community while growing up in the film industry. They have a lot of respect for the people involved. In the upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me, Chloe plays Lou Gilbert.

Chloe Coleman Parents

Who Is Chloe Coleman?

Chloe Coleman, born in the United States, is a child actress. Starring in such films and TV shows as Avatar 2, Dungeons & Dragons, and Big Little Lies, Kinderwood, has amassed quite a reputation for herself.

Chloe Coleman: Is She On Instagram?

Chloe Coleman has been featured on German Wikipedia. However, her name has been surprisingly missing from English Wikipedia pages. 

Coleman’s film career began in 2013 when she appeared in a single episode of the US television series Glee at five years old. Castings for a variety of short films followed.

She played Skye Carlson in 14 episodes of the show Big Little Lies. She rose to international prominence after co-starring in The Spy Next Door with Dave Bautista. Chloe Coleman has managed to get quite a huge following on her Instagram @chloecolemanact, with over 52.1K followers. 

Chloe spends her free time drawing, doing her part to help the environment, and collecting money from cast members who swear to donate it to various organizations. She loves writing stories, creating animated characters, playing games with her friends, and singing on the piano or ukulele.

Chloe Coleman: Career

Coleman made her acting debut uncredited in a 2013 episode of the television show Glee. Thereafter, he appeared in the short films Eternally Mad (2013), Big Brats (2013), Out of the Woods (2014), On the Wall (2014), and Me3 (2016), as well as episodes of the television series Angels and Demons (2015), Animals. (2016), Transparent (2016), Roadside Picnic (2016), Superstore (2017), Henry Danger (2016-2017), etc. Then, in 2017, Chloe Coleman was cast as Skye Carlson in the recurring role in Big Little Lies (2017-2019), appearing in a total of 14 episodes.

Chloe Coleman has appeared on screen in a wide variety of projects, including the movies Puppy Star Christmas (2018), My Spy (2020), Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made (2020), Gunpowder Milkshake (2021), Marry Me (2022), 65 (2022), Avatar 2 (2022), and Dungeons & Dragons (2023), and the TV shows The Resident (2020), Upload (2020), Kinderwood (2020–2021), and New Warriors (2022).

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