Inside Chris Evans’ We Know About His love life!

Chris Evans has gotten a lot of press for his brilliant blunder of sharing his d–k photo.

Evans was known for three things before his penis became a celebrity: playing Captain America, wearing a seductive sweater in “Knives Out,” and dating beautiful movie stars.

Here are all the women with whom Evans, 39, has been romantically linked, from reported flings to long-term romances.

Does Chris Evans have a girlfriend?

No, it’s not as insane as it sounds. Chris Evans is single as far as we know moving towards 2022. Why? He turns out to be a little commitment-phobic. In 2019, he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m the one that fears being engulfed.” “I’ve always been a self-sufficient individual. One of my favorite activities is going camping by myself. I prefer to be with someone who has their interests as well, you know? It might seem claustrophobic when I’m with someone who simply kind of adopts my life.”

Is Chris Evans married?

Chris Evans has never been married, although he hopes to do so in the future. “I want a wife and children.” I enjoy formal occasions. In 2019, he told Men’s Journal, “I want to carve pumpkins and decorate Christmas trees and everything like that.” “I prefer ordinary, everyday things.” (You’re only increasing our admiration for you, Chris!

Kate Bosworth

Young love, ahh. In the early 2000s, Evans was associated romantically with Kate Bosworth. According to Us Weekly, the actor reportedly bonded with the 37-year-old actress on the set of their film “The Newcomers,” but their relationship faded soon after.

Jessica Biel

Evans began his first long-term romance with actress Jessica Biel from “7th Heaven.” They started dating in 2001 and went on to star in two films together, “Cellular” and “London,” in which they played love interests to each other. The couple remained together for the following five years until finally breaking up. After a year with Justin Timberlake, Biel, 38, married the pop sensation in 2012.

Emmy Rossum

In 2007, the “Avengers” actor was linked to Emmy Rossum. After supposedly meeting the week before, the two were seen demonstrating PDA and locking lips at a pub in LA. While they appeared to be dating, the couple never confirmed it, with a rep telling E! News at the time that Evans and Rossum, 34, were “just friends.”

Christina Ricci

Following his flirtation with Rossum, Evans and Christina Ricci were briefly linked as a couple. At the 2007 Met Gala, Ricci, 40, and Evans walked the red carpet together. Despite widespread speculation that the two were dating, they never formally verified the claims and never made another public appearance together.

Kristin Cavallari

Now onto the next. Evans was previously seen getting tight with Kristan Cavallari in 2008, according to Page Six. They “certainly hooked up,” a spy informed us at the time, and left a party in Miami “arm in arm.” “I’ve known Chris for a long, simply via mutual friends,” the “Laguna Beach” star, 33, told Us Weekly at the time, denying that they were romantically linked. “We’re simply buddies.”

Amy Smart

Evans was romantically linked to actress Amy Smart, 44, in 2010, according to rumors. According to Just Jared, the two were photographed exiting the London club Cirque together.

Chris Evans Girlfriend
Chris Evans Girlfriend

Dianna Agron

After being seen getting friendly at a pre-Oscar bash in West Hollywood in 2011, Dianna Agron and Evans fuelled romance speculations. The “Glee” star, 34, and Evans were “flirting and deep in conversation for a while before they switched numbers,” a spy told Page Six at the time. Given that their relationship didn’t last long, it’s possible that Agron was just getting over her breakup with her “I Am Number Four” co-star Alex Pettyfer.

Ashley Greene

While out at a Hollywood party in 2011, Ashley Greene and Evans displayed a lot of PDA. “Ashley was all over [Chris], and he didn’t mind,” a source told E! News, and “They were dancing together quite tightly.” They appeared to have a lot of sexual chemistry.” However, the insider claimed that she and Evans were probably not serious because the “Twilight” actress, 33, was newly single following her split with Joe Jonas.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Evans were thought to be dating back in 2014. “We’ve since married but it started ripping us apart so we separated,” Bullock, 56, joked about the claims to Entertainment Tonight (via Us Weekly). Years later, in 2017, Evans acknowledged having a tremendous crush on the “Miss Congeniality” actress.

Lily Collins

After the two were pictured on a romantic dinner date together in 2015, Lily Collins, 31, was thought to be dating Evans. According to E! News, the two enjoyed one other’s company at a high-end Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, where they were seen flirting. They met earlier that year at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Minka Kelly

Evans allegedly dated Minka Kelly on and off for several years. Evans and Kelly originally ignited dating rumors in 2007, according to Page Six. They resumed their romance in 2012 after being seen canoodling outside a West Hollywood restaurant. He and Kelly, 40, reportedly split in 2013 but were spotted together again over Labor Day Weekend in 2015, according to People.

Jenny Slate

The 38-year-old comic Jenny Slate was most recently linked to the “Captain America” actor. The two met on the set of their 2016 film “Gifted” and began dating soon after. They dated for nine months before calling it quits because they couldn’t make their schedules work together. They reunited in 2017 and appeared to be doing well until March 2018, when they called it quits once more.

Did Chris Evans date Jenny Slate?

Yes, we can confirm this. After meeting on the set of the film Gifted, Evans began dating comic actress Jenny Slate in 2016. They have photographed together again later that year after a hiatus in early 2017, before their definitive breakup was confirmed in March 2018.

But, despite their on-again, off-again relationship, they have remained respectable exes who only speak well of each other. “You discover that you can’t help but admire her. After their first breakup, Evans told USA Today, “You could spend five minutes with her and not find anything bad to say about her if you tried.” “You know, relationships are difficult because there are so many shifting parts. But I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to meet her. She will always remain a part of my life… She’s an extraordinary human being, a one-of-a-kind individual.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, Evans waxed even more enthusiastic about Slate. In March 2017, Evans told the newspaper, “She’s my favourite human.” “She’s the greatest… There’s nothing not to like about her because she’s so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people more than herself, and she’s empathetic.”

In March 2017, Slate expressed similar thoughts to Vulture, adding, “He’s a nice dude… Chris is truly one of the nicest individuals I’ve ever encountered, to the point where looking at him breaks my heart. He’s vulnerable, as well as extremely straightforward. He reminds me of primary colours. He has magnificent, large, strong emotions that he is quite certain about. It’s simply delightful to be around. If you could paint his heart, it would probably be golden.”

So, why did they call it quits? Slate told Vulture, “We’re different.” “Chris is a pretty well-known figure. Going to a restaurant is a very different experience for him than it is for me. I sit in my window and greet people on the street. Because I’m not Captain America, I have greater freedom.” So it appears that fame wrecked their relationship since Slate couldn’t cope with it all. “This is just what I needed to feel normal.” “To be alone,” she said, prompting a “Nooo!” response from the internet. Slate and her fiancé, writer/artist Ben Shattuck, had a kid in late 2020.

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