Chrisean Rock Net Worth 2022: What Did She Do to Blueface?

Chrisean Rock Net Worth: Chrisean Rock is an American singer, songwriter, fashion model, and internet celebrity. By distributing her content widely and making frequent social media appearances, she quickly rose to stardom. When Chrisean first started out, she uploaded music videos and vlogs about her life to YouTube.

Over time, Rock’s videos started getting noticed and praised by her fans; as of this writing, the great majority of them had collected over a million views. Chrisean Rock shot to fame after showing up in the videos of other musicians and walking the runway for various designers.

She was an early track and field star at Santa Monica College, and her ability to think rapidly on her feet was a major factor in her success. Chrisean grew up in a large household where one parent was behind bars and the other was fighting an uphill battle to maintain sobriety, requiring her to exhibit remarkable resilience. The impetus was her on-and-off romance with the rapper Blueface. Read below to find out Chrisean Rock Net Worth.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock net worth is projected to approach $2 million by 2022. As a result of her online and social media fame, she is now among the most well-known people in the world. Chrisean’s stardom grew once she was associated with the famous rapper Blueface.

But Chrisean also became well-known as a musician after releasing a string of tracks, including “Vibe,” “Word To My Brother,” “Lonely,” “Adin Ross Disstrack,” “Rainy Days,” “Jesus Freak,” and many more.

Reports have stated that Chrisean Rock earns $300,000 per year. Her internet fame has landed her lucrative endorsement deals, business partnerships, a YouTube channel, and paid modeling jobs. Her eponymous YouTube channel has approximately 100,000 followers.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock Early Life

Chrisean Rock was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, under his full birth name of Chrisean Malone. She was one of twelve children and grew up in a large family. Their family moved around a lot when she was a kid because her dad worked a lot of overtime. Chrisean didn’t get to meet her father until she was seven years old since he was in prison.

Her mother’s drug habit meant that she was absent from her daughter’s and her siblings’ lives. Chrisean also had to endure verbal and physical assault. When Chrisean lost his home, at the age of nine, things escalated from bad to worse. She frequently stayed with loved ones for several days at a time.

Chrisean Rock Career

Chrisean’s early development is the only plausible explanation for her extraordinary athleticism. She earned a full ride to Santa Monica College in California thanks to her track and field prowess in high school. Chrisean was an excellent student and athlete, and she leveraged those abilities to get a spot on the Fox game program Ultimate Tag.

The grand reward of $10,000 was given to her. Chrisean experimented with different kinds of social media as a young adult. Not even her athletic prowess could have prepared her for how much of a difference it would make in her life. A young Chrisean (15 at the time) debuted her own Instagram account in late 2015.

A few years later, she launched her own channel on YouTube, where she shared basic makeup tips and demonstrated her athletic abilities. Beginning with the Santa Monica College graduation ceremony the next year (2020). After the global pandemic hit, Chrisean’s life took a sharp turn away from sports and toward viral popularity on the internet.

Blueface’s Blue Girls Club is a reality show that featured Chrisean, and it was heavily marketed by the rapper on fan-centric sites like YouTube and Only Fans. Chrisean’s early love of music inspired her to become known as Chrisean Rock.

During the Blue Girls Club novels, she started breaking out into songs. But it was her erratic behavior in her connection with musician Blueface that caught the attention of the press. Chrisean Rock, born on March 14, 2000, is a popular musician and cultural figure. The 22-year-old has published many songs to Spotify, including “Lonely,” “Rainy Days,” and “Vibe,” the latter of which has been listened to more than a million times.

Chrisean Rock Personal Life

After Chrisean stole Blueface‘s Mercedes G-Wagon and it became public knowledge, the two were finally able to open up about their secretive connection. In February 2022, she was apprehended as a result of her excursion to Oklahoma. Chrisean was arrested on several charges after being caught in possession of a stolen car, including drug distribution and possession with intent to sell.

It’s certainly at least in part due to Chrisean’s devotion to Blueface, as proven by the five tattoos she acquired in his honor (including one on her neck). Chrisean and Blueface have only been together for a short time, yet they have already been linked to multiple controversies.

At the beginning of August 2022, Blueface got into a street brawl after stealing a G-Wagon, feuding with his relatives, and other mishaps. Rapper allegedly attacked Chrisean in the middle of a Los Angeles street after seeing sexually explicit texts between Chrisean and another man on his phone.

The Los Angeles Police Department decided to look into both of them. Chrisean stated that she would never leave Blueface’s side, claiming that “it’s a ride or die situation.” Blueface and his biological mother had planned to have another kid on the day Chrisean posted his supportive message.

Chrisean then claimed that a few days later she was intoxicated and so miserable that she was thinking of ending her own life. By Chrisean’s account, Blueface proposed to her the following day, putting their relationship back on track.

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