The Driver in the Fatal Christmas Parade Accident in Raleigh Was Issued Many Violations

Christmas Parade Accident in Raleigh: The motorist who was responsible for the accident that occurred during the Raleigh Christmas Parade on Saturday and resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl got previous penalties for car offenses.

Fatal Christmas Parade Accident in Raleigh Issued Many Violations

The driver who was responsible for the accident that took place on Saturday during the Raleigh Christmas Parade and resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl had previous sentences for automobile offenses. The accident that took place resulted in the death of the girl.

Landen Christopher Glass, age 20, had several citations on his record in Virginia for non-moving violations, including four fines for failing to get a vehicle inspected, with the most recent one occurring on the 30th of October. Glass’s record also included other non-moving violations. The most recent of these tickets were issued on October 30th, as indicated by the court records that are kept in that state.

In addition to that, you were issued tickets for not having marker lights and for having an exhaust system that was not acceptable. There is no evidence in any of the documents that can be found on the internet of the automobile that Glass was given these fines.

Following the collision that occurred on Saturday, the Raleigh Police Department arrested Glass and subsequently charged him with several offenses, including carrying a handgun in a procession, negligent and reckless driving, incorrect equipment, dangerous movement, and criminal death by motor vehicle. These charges were brought against Glass after he was charged.

A member of Glass’s family has confirmed to WRAL News that their father will not be releasing a comment at this time. Glass was granted the ability to post bond, and his initial court appearance is set to take place on January 26.

On his Instagram profile, which he used to upload images and videos, he kept a record of his activities in 2018, including his involvement in dance competitions while representing CC & Company Dance Complex. As of the year 2022, it is not clear how exactly he is still connected with the company or how long that connection will last.

His social media accounts create the idea that he was the owner of a firm that specialized in the modification of automobiles and that he spent a lot of time working on his pickup truck. In addition, it seems as though he spent a lot of time working on his pickup truck.

During the procession, a girl who was dancing with CC & Company Dance Complex was hit by an out-of-control pickup truck that was pulling a parade float. The girl was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. In previous years, the organization was present at and took part in the event.

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Christmas Parade Accident in Raleigh
Christmas Parade Accident in Raleigh

The girl’s health was determined to be terminal at the hospital, where she was sent after being transported there. Her name has not been disclosed to the general public.

A video was taken at the location, and it shows the car as it was beginning to lose control and increase speed while it was blowing its horn. Several people raced out of the way of the vehicle, while others sped toward it to stop it from crashing with paradegoers who were in its path. This was done to prevent the truck from killing anyone.

Witnesses told WRAL News that the driver of the white pickup truck that was hauling the CC & Co. Dance float was yelling that he had lost his brakes and was unable to come to a halt. The driver of the white pickup truck was carrying the float. After that, the truck careened toward the dancers as the adults hurriedly attempted to move them away from the road.

An eyewitness by the name of Worth Creech said how all of a sudden they looked up, and to their surprise, they saw a vehicle on the opposite side of the road moving in their direction. “Precisely at that moment, they were able to remove the vast bulk of the young ladies from the area and safely evacuate them. We were saddened to see one of the girls being run over by the car that was passing by.”

She stated that the car was moving downhill and that it looked to be being dragged by the float that was following it. She also stated that the float appeared to be pulling it.

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