Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death: What Happened After Watching Her Daughter Win A Silver Medal?

let’s see Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death, The disappointing news came only a few short days after Raven took silver in the shot put competition at Tokyo 2020. The Olympic champion athlete lifted her arms in a gesture of defiance after receiving her gold medal, crossing her arms over her chest.

According to the BBC, Raven’s attitude exemplified “the confluence of where all individuals who are persecuted meet.” [Citation needed] The young contestant’s goal was to let others know that they are not on their own.

About Clarissa Saunders

The fact that Clarissa and Raven have always been very close is demonstrated by the fact that the Olympian uses social media.

Clarissa attended Burke High School and resided in Charleston, South Carolina, according to the information that can be found on her Facebook page. In spite of the fact that her social handle did not reveal the nature of the work she did, it did reveal that she was in a committed relationship.
Since the very beginning, Clarissa has been Raven’s biggest supporter. In order to help her daughter realize her ambition of competing in the Olympics, she even created a GoFundMe website.

Clarissa said in her post that she was a “single parent of low means” and described her financial situation as such. Raven’s longtime coach was the one who confirmed the news that Clarissa had passed away.

He announced the news on his Facebook page, writing, “Raven Saunders’ mother, Mrs. Clarissa Saunders, has passed away.” Mrs. Saunders and Raven’s sister Tanzy were attending one of the USATF’s Olympic Family watch parties in Florida, where they were hosted by the USATF. They also took the opportunity to celebrate with their families while they were there.

Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death

Clarissa Saunders passed away on Tuesday, just two days after attending the Tokyo Olympics and witnessing her daughter win a silver medal. It is not known what caused the death.
Mark Adams, a spokesman for the International Olympic Committee, expressed his sympathies on behalf of the organization to Raven and her family on Wednesday. “In light of these developments, we have decided to put a complete halt to the process for the time being.”

After the presentation of awards had concluded, Saunders, who was still standing on the podium, made the sign of the cross with her outstretched arms in order to draw attention to “oppressed people.” Saunders was backed by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, which had previously stated that it would not penalize athletes for demonstrating so long as the demonstrations did not convey hate toward another group.

Clarissa Saunders Cause Of Death

source: sinclairstoryline

The United States Olympic Committee (USOPC) noted out in a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that Saunders’ demonstration did not take place during the medals ceremony or when the Chinese national anthem was being performed for gold medallist Gong Lijiao.

In a statement, USOPC spokeswoman Kate Hartman thanked the International Olympic Committee for showing empathy with Raven at this challenging time. “We appreciate the sensitivity exhibited toward Raven by the IOC,” she said.

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