Clinton on the Campaign Circuit Again, This Time to Defend Hochul From Republican Attacks

Clinton on the Campaign Circuit Again: Clinton voiced her disapproval of Representative Lee Zeldin in addition to other Republicans, such as Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona.

Clinton Is Back Out Campaigning The Entire Proposition

Vice President Harris and Hillary Clinton campaigned for Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday, emphasizing abortion rights to help the Democrat in a tough contest against Rep. Lee Zeldin. Clinton’s first midterm candidate-focused visit highlighted Democratic worry over Hochul’s race. The event included an all-female lineup of surrogates and was organized by Barnard College, a women’s college.

Clinton criticized Zeldin and other Republicans, including Arizona GOP gubernatorial contender Kari Lake for joking about Nancy Pelosi’s husband being attacked at home. Speakers frequently discussed abortion rights. “Don’t take anything for granted; my opponent said, ‘Oh, don’t worry.’ After Dobbs, New York remained the same. So don’t worry,'” Hochul remarked, referring to the June Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “Why hasn’t New York changed? As governor.”

While Democrats across the country have run heavily on abortion since the high court reversed the decision ending the constitutional right to the procedure, some in the party say the fear of losing the right is less motivating in blue states like New York because of existing protections and a Democratic-led state government committed to preserving it.

Some students at the event expressed concern about the Democrats’ midterm performance and highlighted a lack of passion among their classmates compared to earlier elections.

Mia Davidson, a Columbia University student, saw a wave of fury following the Dobbs ruling but said the enthusiasm has faded as Election Day approaches. “I don’t think the Democratic Party did much to keep young people active, but we sometimes decided not to be,” she added.

Hochul’s troubles come as Democratic congressional candidates in New York and other blue states struggle, prompting party leaders to allocate time and money to contests that were less favorable to Republicans early this year. Clinton followed Hochul’s message in her comments, criticizing Republicans over abortion rights and linking Zeldin to Trump, who supports the GOP candidate.

Republicans have spent 50 years attempting to roll back abortion rights, claimed Clinton. They aim to roll back women’s, civil, voting, and homosexual rights. They want to control who we are, how we feel, believe, and act in ways I thought we had outgrown. Hochul is New York’s first female governor. After Andrew M. Cuomo resigned last year, she became governor. Clinton praised Hochul’s unprecedented governorship.

 “I truly admire how she’s bringing fresh leadership, stability, and promise for our future to New York,” Clinton added. Harris attacked Republican efforts to restrict abortion access and listed Biden administration achievements. Democratic women in New York’s political leaders spoke at the event and urged voters not to take Hochul’s win for granted. Hochul leads Zeldin by a single point in a Democratic-leaning state.

Clinton on the Campaign Circuit Again
Clinton on the Campaign Circuit Again

Zeldin praised the Dobbs ruling, but he won’t amend New York law. Last month, he declared, “As governor, I won’t amend New York’s abortion legislation.” The Republican has emphasized increased crime in the state, as have other Republicans. Clinton accused Republicans of fearmongering.

“I’ve seen, and I’m sure you have if you watch TV, advertising about crime every 30 seconds, right? Clinton: “No answers, just terrible graphics, and music” She cited the attack on Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, who was hit with a hammer last week and criticized Republicans like Lake for using it as a jest. (Lake: “Nancy Pelosi has protection in D.C., but her residence doesn’t.)

“An invader smashes an 82-year-old guy in the head with a hammer; Republicans joke about it. Clinton: “Arizona’s governor candidate jokes about it.” “Why would anyone give authority to someone who thinks a home invasion is funny?” They don’t care about your safety. They aim to terrify you so you can’t think.

Speakers here echoed other Democrats in saying Republicans threaten Social Security and Medicare. Hochul told young voters, “I want you to feel the weight on your shoulders when you leave.” With drive, guts, and tenacity, our ancestors passed down this gift.” Emma Sherman-Hawver, a Columbia student, said she was happy Clinton hosted Hochul because of her state links.

Sherman-Hawver added, “If she can play tactically, it helps.” “There are locations in the country that aren’t as supportive, but I think she made a wonderful choice coming here.” Jack Lobel, a Columbia student, and Gen Z-focused group spokesman said Democrats need to reach out to young people.

“It’s absurd for Democrats to expect young people to vote when they don’t invest in outreach,” Lobel added. “It appears like only Gen Z is engaged on outreach, and that’s not sustainable if Democrats want to keep winning.”

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