What is Cody Longo Cause of De@th? Fans Have Been Mourning the Death of Cody Longo on Social Media

Another major player has left the movie and TV business. Cody Longo, star of the soap operas Days of Our Lives and Hollywood Heights, was discovered dead in his Austin, Texas, home on February 8. Longo’s age at death was 34.

Cody Longo Cause of Death

His agent, Alex Grittelson, has revealed the tragic circumstances surrounding his premature death at the age of 34. Grittelson claims that Longo died of alcohol intoxication while sleeping comfortably. In the past, Longo’s drinking problem was widely known.

Grittelson and Longo’s family believed, however, that the actor had been clean and sober for quite some time. His loved ones think he’s had a relapse into alcoholism. However, there has been no official word on what exactly caused his death.

Longo’s career was plagued by serious issues and accusations. It’s been ten years since he was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. The then-24-year-old must attend alcohol education classes and go through rehabilitation in order to have his charges dropped. But that’s not the end of it either. In 2020, the actor was detained twice for separate felonies.

The first incident, involving a 9-year-old child in Colorado and allegations of sexual harassment, occurred in January. Ten months later, Cody Longo was arrested in Tennessee on charges of domestic assault against his ex-wife, Stephanie Clark. Cody was charged twice, but surprisingly, both times the charges were dropped and he avoided jail time.

Cody Longo Leaves Behind a Wife and Three Children

Cody Longo Leaves Behind a Wife and Three Children

Cody Longo had been married to Stephanie Clark, a dance instructor, and choreographer, since October 2015. They had three young children together: Lyla, who was seven, Elijah, who was five, and Noah, who was nineteen months old.

Stephanie regularly gave followers a glimpse into their family life on Instagram. For Valentine’s Day 2022, she shared a slideshow of family images, featuring adorable shots of Cody holding Noah, cheering on Lyla at a dance performance, and squeezing Stephanie’s baby belly.

Cody Longo: From Acting to Music

Cody Longo started his start in the acting industry in 2006, but it wasn’t until the 2009 film Adaption of Fame that he really became noticed. In 2011, he appeared in eight episodes of Days of Our Lives as Nikki Alamain, an adult.

Cody’s breakout role as Eddie Duran on the Nick at Nite/TeenNick drama series Hollywood Heights came the following year.

He went on to star in a number of movies and TV shows, but ultimately decided to devote his time and energy to music. In 2014, he entered the Billboard Top 100 with the single “She Said.” In addition to his work as a musician and music supervisor, he had previously contributed to Hollywood Heights.

Fans Have Been Mourning the Death of Cody Longo on Social Media

Fans have been using social media to express their grief and disbelief since hearing of Cody’s death. numerous have expressed their sorrow at his passing, while others have taken time to remember his numerous accomplishments and celebrate his life’s work.

A Twitter user named @shayne_davis21 said, “Hollywood Heights music is superior.” “Cody Longo has such a stunning voice.”

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