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Is the information on Coraline 2 of interest to you? With the second season of The Sandman now available on Netflix, Neil Gaiman has once again made us all want to see more of his works brought to the small screen. The prolific English author is most renowned for his many works of fantasy and his skill at connecting them through subtle threads (essentially creating his own universe).

Fans want sequels to a lot of stories, but Coraline is where it’s at. The protagonist of the 2002 dark fantasy novel Coraline goes into a new house that contains a mysterious door leading to a horrific alternate universe in which everyone has black buttons for eyes.

The book was turned into a highly successful and critically acclaimed stop-motion film starring Dakota Fanning as Coraline, under the direction of Henry Selick. It was also nominated for an Oscar and a British Academy Film Award, and over two decades after its release, fans still want to see more.

Is a Sequel to “Coraline” in the Works?

Is a Sequel to Coraline in the Works

The author Neil Gaiman has stated emphatically multiple times that this is not the case. Most recently, in March of this year. A Coraline 2 rumor was tweeted to him with the phrase “is this real?” and he responded with a blunt “no.”

It makes it reasonable that he would wait a year to develop a sequel until he had a plot that could be just as good, if not better, than the original.

Since the first film (and novel) were so widely acclaimed, he doesn’t want to risk tarnishing the Coraline brand by making a sequel that falls short of expectations.

Although a sequel to Coraline would definitely be financially lucrative, it appears that Neil Gaiman is unwilling to put his authorial credibility in jeopardy, much to the dismay of his numerous fans. Besides, he already has his attention elsewhere, such as the Sandman movie adaptation.

Coraline 2 Possible Release Date

Many news outlets reported in February that the release date of Coraline 2 will be November 13 without verifying the information. Sadly, I must break your heart. A sequel to “Coraline” will not be released anytime soon. The writer is reluctant to write a sequel that readers will view as inferior because of his or her established reputation.

Unfortunately, that’s a common practice among some authors. It’s the rational thing to do. Although we do not agree with his choice, we respect it.

And with that, all we know about the sequel thus far has been covered. And that’s some seriously disheartening news. Multiple times, Neil Gaiman has stated that there will be no sequel to Coraline. There has been no indication of a plot, actors, or even a release date.

We can only wait and keep our fingers crossed that Neil Gaiman can top himself with a story at least as wonderful as the original, and ideally even better. In the meantime, we can view the original film again, or wait for one of his next works.

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Who is The Cast In Coraline 2?

We’ll examine the original cast of Coraline even though there won’t be a sequel. The story of Coraline centers on the Jones family: Coraline, Mel, Miss April, The Cat, Miss Mirian, and Charlie.

Aside from Shakespeare Rascal, the cast also includes Wyborne ‘Wybie’ Lovat, Mr. Sergie Alexander Bobinsky, Sweet Ghost Girl, Ghost Boy, Tall Ghost Girl, two Photo Friends, a Magic Dragonfly, a Mover, two Toys, Wybie’s grandmother, and a narrator who calls himself the Magic Dragonfly.

The movie is animated, and the characters are CGI, but they still had voice actors who give them personality.

Dakota Fanning lent her voice to Coraline Jones, Teri Hatcher to Mel Jones, Jennifer Saunders to Miss April Spink, and Dawn French to Miss Miriam Forcible. Voice actors Keith David (The Cat), John Hodgman (Charlie Jones), Robert Bailey Jr. (Wyborne ‘Wybie’ Lovat), and Ian McShane (Mr. Sergei Alexander Bobinsky) all contributed to the production.

Aankha Neal provided the voice for Sweet Ghost Girl, George Selick provided the voice for Ghost Boy, and Hannah Kaiser provided the voice for Tall Ghost Girl. Harry Selick provided the voice for the first Photo Friend, while Marina Budovsky provided the voice for the second.

Emerson Tenney provided the voice for Magic Dragonfly, while Jerome Ranft lent his talents to Mover. The voices of Christopher Murrie-Green’s Toy 1, Jeremy Ryder’s Toy 2, Wybie’s Grandmother, Carolyn Crawford, and Yona Prost’s Shakespeare Rascal can all be heard in this film.

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