The Unexpected Death of a Cryptocurrency Founder at Age 30

Death of a Cryptocurrency Founder: The sudden passing of another young crypto whiz in recent weeks was that of Tiantian Kullander, the founder of Amber Group and a former honoree of Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists.

The Death of a Cryptocurrency Founder at Age 30 Came as a Shock

Tiantian Kullander, the young and powerful founder of cryptocurrency startup Amber Group, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on November 23, according to a statement released by the company. After launching Amber in 2017 with a group of financial insiders, including former employees of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, he played an integral role in the company’s meteoric success, which included receiving a valuation of $3 billion earlier this year and raising another $100 million. This success was a result of the meteoric rise of the company, in which he played a role.

As a result of his continuing ascent, Forbes included him on their list of 30 under 30 in 2019. “He invested his whole himself into the organization at every one of its developmental stages. In a statement that confirmed his passing and commemorated him as a “devoted” husband and “beloved” father, the corporation said on its website that he “lead by example with his brilliance, compassion, humility, dedication, and inventiveness.”

The firm honored him as a “renowned thought leader and highly acknowledged pioneer for the industry.” His colleagues referred to him lovingly as “TT,” and they called him a pioneer in the industry. Numerous new businesses and individuals have benefitted from his extensive expertise, his openness to working with others, and his determination to assist others at all times. His unique perspective and creative thinking served as motivation for a wide variety of endeavors, individuals, and communities.

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Death of a Cryptocurrency Founder
“We lost a wonderful business partner as well as a dear friend in TT, and at this moment, words cannot explain how sorry we are.” Because doing this was one of TT’s goals and dreams, his legacy will go on, and we will work even more diligently to make Amber the category-defining leader of our industry. There was no information available on the circumstances surrounding Kullander’s passing, other than the fact that he died in his sleep.

In addition, the statement said that Kullander was a member of the “Board of Fnatic,” which is “one of the most successful e-sports companies in the world,” and that he “created KeeperDAO,” which was “the first on-chain liquidity underwriter,” before “giving it back to its community.” “TT’s legacy will continue, and we will strive even harder to make Amber the category-defining leader of our sector, as accomplishing this was TT’s aspiration and desire,”

“TT was a dedicated husband, a loving father, and a strong friend to all of his friends and family.” We are saddened by his departure, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. He is survived by his wife and the two of them had a cherished kid together. During this terrible time, we ask that you please respect their privacy while they go through this.

Kullander is the second young crypto genius whose passing has shocked the industry in recent weeks: Nikolas Mushegian, age 29, an early developer of MakerDAO, washed ashore on a Puerto Rican beach on October 28 following an apparent drowning, barely hours after tweeting about an alleged murder plot to take his life. Mushegian was an early developer of MakerDAO.

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