Debbie Collier: A Chronology of Her Disappearance and Death in Georgia

Debbie Collier, a mother from Athens, Georgia, was reported missing on September 10, and her body was discovered the following day.

Since the corpse of the 59-year-old real estate office manager was discovered, little information has been made public regarding the investigation into the death. Detectives haven’t commented on whether they’ve identified a suspect or determined a possible motive.

Some of the circumstances leading up to the grisly find are detailed in incident reports filed by the police and sheriff’s departments in Athens-Clarke County and Habersham County, respectively.

Debbie Collier’s Husband Sees his Wife Before Going to Bed

According to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department investigation, Steven Collier last saw his wife, Debbie Collier, before going to bed on September 9 at about 9 p.m.

He explained to the officer that they sleep in different rooms because he snores.

Debbie Collier’s Husband Drives Away for Work and Notices Her Car

On September 10, a Saturday, Steven Collier informed an officer that he spotted her car in the driveway before he went to work. The police report does not mention what time he departed for work.

Steven Collier stated that Debbie Collier “should have been home,” as stated in the Athens police report.

When Debbie Collier Leaves, She Takes Her Car, Her ID, and Her Debit Card

Debbie Collier may have absconded with the Enterprise-rented Chrysler Pacifica, but investigators haven’t said when or if they believe she did so.

Amanda Bearden, Debbie Collier’s daughter, explained that her mom rented the vehicle after a car accident rendered the one she was driving unusable. Bearden reported to the police that the rental car was the only item missing, along with her mother’s driver’s license and debit card.

Debbie Collier Talks With Her Daughter by Sending Her Venmo Money and a Message

They are not going to let me go, love, you there is a key to the home in the blue flowerpot by the door; $2,385.17 was sent to Amanda Bearden’s Venmo account on September 10 at 3:17 p.m., she claimed. The Venmo account is under “Steve Collier,” which is Steve’s real name.

Bearden reported feeling frightened after receiving the message. Though she dialed her mother’s number, she received no response.

Debbie Collier

It Has Been Reported that Debbie Collier has Gone Missing in Athens

A missing person report filed by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department states that an officer encountered Steven Collier on Rocky Drive at 6:08 p.m. on September 10. Located along Georgia State Route 441, the area is close to Athens’ northern city borders.

Bearden and Steve Collier told police about what had happened in the roughly 27 hours prior, including when she was last seen, the Venmo transaction, and the disappearance of the Chrysler Pacifica.

They said that Debbie’s sudden departure without a word was out of the ordinary.

According to what they informed law enforcement, she has no living relatives in the vicinity.

Debbie Collier’s phone went directly to voicemail when police, dispatch, and family members tried calling her.

The police officer reported Debbie Collier missing to the Georgia Crime Information Center, but her loved ones had no idea of the car’s make, model, or license plate number.

If any of her family members contact her again, the police officer instructed them to dial 911. According to the incident report filed in Habersham County, officers from Athens “pinged” her phone that same evening.

Debbie Collier’s Rented Automobile is Spotted by a Member of the Tallulah Falls Police Department

According to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on September 10 at 5 p.m., an officer from the Tallulah Falls Police Department saw Debbie Collier’s rental Chrysler Pacifica on the shoulder of Ga. Highway 15.

The police officer assured me that pulling into the area was normal. Since Debbie Collier’s family was unable to furnish Athens police with information regarding the car’s type and license plate, the officer may have been unaware that the vehicle was connected to a missing person inquiry.

Sirius XM Indicates Debbie Collier’s Rental Car’s Potential Location

Sirius XM phoned Athens police on September 11 to inform them that Debbie Collier’s automobile was parked on Georgia State Route 15 in Clarkesville.

The representative phoned Habersham 911 Dispatch prior to 12:28 PM to report the location of the vehicle. Deputy deputies from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the roadway at the corner of Victory Home Lane.

Debbie Collier’s Rented Automobile is Discovered by Investigators

In an effort to find the vehicle, a Habersham County sergeant asked for assistance from the Tallulah Falls police.

Debbie Collier’s rented automobile was discovered by the sergeant at a “pull-off” on an old logging road not far from the Sirius XM coordinates.

An officer from Tallulah Falls who responded to the call informed the Habersham County deputy that he thought he saw a recognizable automobile in the area the night before.

Deputies are Ready to Scour the Woods for Debbie Collier

The original request for assistance from a K-9 unit at Lee Arrendale Correctional Institute was denied.

The Aviation Unit of the Georgia State Patrol was called into action by law enforcement and promised to respond.

A K-9 is called in to help the sergeant in his search.

Debbie Collier’s Daughter Spots the Rented Vehicle

Amanda Bearden came after law enforcement discovered the automobile. Athens police had given her an approximate location for the most recent “ping.”

According to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, Bearden “began yelling” that the automobile belonged to her mother.

Bearden stated that her mother had no history of mental illness or suicidal ideation. According to the event report, she stated that her mother “had a poor back and couldn’t have walked far.”

Debbie Collier’s body is Discovered by Investigators

A K-9 officer from Habersham County was dispatched there.

A red tote bag was discovered by law enforcement officers searching the area and lying on their side next to a downed tree.

The policeman discovered “what seemed to be the remnants of a fire” near the tree’s base.

The officer peered over the edge of the embankment and noticed a “partially burnt blue in color tarp” and a “naked girl resting on her back, gripping a small tree with her right hand.”

The police officer quickly concluded Debbie Collier was dead and positively recognized her corpse.

The incident report states that her abdomen was scorched and “charred.”

At 3:06 p.m., police arrived and began documenting the murder scene. Those in charge of criminal investigations in Habersham County arrived.

The wrecker service transported the vehicle to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, and the coroner sent Collier’s remains to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Lab.

Investigators Speak with those Who Were Closest to Debbie Collier

Despite saying on September 21 that it was accumulating information to suggest people of interest, law enforcement has not disclosed who investigators had interviewed. We still don’t know the results of the autopsy.

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