Deion Sanders Illness: In the End, He Had to Operate on His Fingers

On Wednesday morning, Deion Sanders had surgery to fix two problems with his toes.

Sanders was walking around in a medical boot after weeks of playing football barefoot due to “excruciating agony.” Sanders told Hurt, “I couldn’t take it any longer, and I have a strong tolerance for pain.”


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Planned Future Role of DEION Sanders as a Coach

Several sources have stated that Coach Prime may not be absent from his position as head coach at Jackson State University.

Unlike Sanders, In this video, Dr James Hurt, MD, a sports medicine specialist in Jackson, Mississippi, discusses his toe issues and how Dr Lori Reed, an orthopaedic surgeon, would approach his operation.

Sanders was informed by Dr Hurt that Sanders’s foot “had a malformation that Dr Reid would be correcting because of an old football accident.” When asked why he was using the word “deformity,” Deion Sanders asked, “why you have to call it, Doc?”

An additional comment from the injured party was that he has an “old claw toe, and your second toe is dislocated.”
Sanders’s toe dislocation has worsened over time, suggesting that it first appeared some time ago.

The second toe will be shortened by detaching a tendon from the bone and then straightening the first toe.

After a few weeks in a boot and on a scooter, Deion Sanders will be back to coaching.

To add some extra incentive, Coach Prime is holding a contest for anyone who can properly predict when the anaesthetic will put him to sleep.


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On September 18th, the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks beat the Jackson State Tigers. Until the final ten minutes of the game, Sanders’s football team was in command.

Due to a targeting penalty committed by the linebacker in the first half, they were without star transfer James Houston.

Deion Sanders Illness

The defence, led by defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, prevented the Warhawks from scoring. Offensively, JSU committed some blunders and turned the ball over several times,

which ultimately led to their loss to ULM. Although Shedeur Sanders played well, his final pass was picked off, and ULM went on to win 12-7.

The match between Jackson State and Delta State is set for Saturday, September 25 at 2:00 PM CT at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium. is the place to go for the latest news and updates.

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