After the Democrats Win the Senate, Tight Races Will Decide Who Controls the U.S. House

Democrats Win the Senate: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, tweeted on Sunday that the GOP should put off leadership elections in the Senate until after the runoff in Georgia next month.

Tight Races Will Determine House Control After Democrats Win Senate

Monday’s close battles in the U.S. House of Representatives might determine whether President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party keeps the Senate or not after the midterm elections.

With 211 members compared to 206 for the Democrats, and 218 required for a majority, the Republicans were closer to capturing the House. Officials are still counting votes over a week after Americans went to the polls, so the ultimate conclusion may not be known for days.

After securing the Senate over the weekend, Democrats hailed their victory as a validation of their program and a rejection of Republican efforts to discredit the authenticity of election results after Republicans had hoped for a “red wave” of victories.

In other notable uncalled races, Republican Kari Lake, who backed former President Donald Trump’s false accusations of election fraud in 2020, was lagging her Democratic opponent in the Arizona governor’s race.

According to a Reuters tally of the top nonpartisan analysts, there are around 18 contested House contests, 13 of which are thought to be highly competitive. It so happened that ten of the remaining races were all happening in liberal-leaning California.

If the Republicans take the House, it will mean gridlock for the next two years, giving Biden’s opponents more authority to block his legislative program and investigate his administration and family.

Indiana Republican Jim Banks predicted that his party would gain a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, calling itself “the last line of defense to block the Biden agenda” and promising to investigate the circumstances surrounding the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the source of the COVID outbreak, and the use of lockdowns during pandemics.

According to an interview Banks gave Fox News on Sunday, “that needs to be a major focus of every single committee in the Congress,” with particular emphasis on the House under Republican leadership.

House Minority Leader and Democrat Nancy Pelosi stated on Sunday she would wait until after the midterm elections to determine whether or not she will continue as speaker.

After her husband was injured by an intruder at their San Francisco home last month, there was talk that Pelosi may quit if the Democrats lost their majority.

Pelosi, 82, said on Sunday that the fight for the House is “extremely tight” to ABC News. We’re still trying.

After Catherine Cortez Masto’s victory in Nevada’s senate race on Saturday, Democrats’ attention has shifted to a runoff election in Georgia that might give them more power in Congress.

Democrats Win the Senate
If Senator Raphael Warnock loses in the runoff on December 6 to his Republican rival Herschel Walker, the Democrats would gain the majority in the Senate, giving them more power over legislation and judicial appointments.

With the victory in Nevada, the Democrats now control the Senate by a simple majority of 50 votes, with Vice President Kamala Harris having the deciding vote.

Even if Republicans take the House by a razor-thin margin, the Democrats’ showing suggests they were successful in portraying their opponents as extremists, in large part by highlighting the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate a nationwide right to abortion in response to conservative appointments to the bench.

But the outcomes have also resulted in further scrutiny of Trump, who exploited his standing with ultra-conservatives to sway the Republican nominees for the House, the Senate, and state and local offices.

Despite the fact that Trump is reportedly considering an announcement this week of a third bid for the president in 2024, a Republican loss in Georgia might further diminish his popularity. It has been said of him that he supports candidates who don’t have broad enough popularity to get elected.

Kari Lake, who Trump has supported wholeheartedly, is now trailing Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs in Arizona’s gubernatorial election by 1.1 percentage points with 93% of the ballots tallied, as reported by Edison Research.

Many prominent Republicans have expressed reflection since the election. Veteran Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has called for a delay in the Senate Republican leadership elections scheduled for before the Georgia election.

Before going on to the Senate leadership elections or the 2024 presidential contest, Graham tweeted, “All Republicans should be focused on winning in Georgia and attempting to understand the midterm results.”

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