When Will The Demon Slayer Season 3 Be Available: Cast And What Will Happen In The Demon Slayer Season 3?

The year 2023 is known as the Year of the Demon Slayer. The release date for Season 3 has been set, and a brand-new trailer has been released for your viewing pleasure. In addition, we have the thrilling announcement that a new movie revolving around the popular series Demon Slayer will soon be released in theatres, bringing together one of the show’s finest hours with a preview of what’s to come.

Swordsmith Village is where Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko will go on an adventure where things will undoubtedly take a dark turn, hence the name of the arc. Hashiras are also present in season 3 of Demon Slayer, as you will learn below.

Because of the tragedy that has followed Tanjiro’s previous encounters with them, the stakes have been raised, and the story can only grow more exciting from here on out. Our Season 3 of Demon Slayer guide has all the details.

When Will The Demon Slayer Season 3 Be Available?

Japan will premiere season 3 of Demon Slayer in April 2023. Beginning on February 3, there will be special screenings of the first episode of “Kimetsu no Yaiba,” which runs for an hour. More than 80 countries will air episodes 10 and 11 of season 2 simultaneously, giving fans plenty of time to catch up before season 3 begins.

Both English-subtitled and -dubbed screenings will commence on March 3 in the United States and Canada, after the initial screenings in Japan. The cities of Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Seoul, and Taiwan are all on the itinerary for the tour between February 25 and March 19.

Tickets for the Los Angeles, California screening at the LA Orpheum are sold out, but information about tickets for the other screenings will be made available on the ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba – World Tour Screening’ website.

Producer Yma Takahashi, voice actor Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro), and singer Aimer (‘Zankyou Sanka’ opening theme song) have all been billed as special guests at various screenings. Read about what will happen in the Demon Slayer Season 3.

What Will Happen In The Demon Slayer Season 3?

What Will Happen In The Demon Slayer Season 3

During the events of the Swordsmith Village Arc, Tanjiro and his companions will travel to the village’s hidden colony of artisans in order to consult with Hotaru Haganezuka, the man responsible for forging Tanjiro’s sword. The show has previously hinted that Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito and Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, two characters beloved by viewers but not seen since the first season, will return.

Genya Shinaguzawa, the younger brother of the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, is another youthful demon slayer that fans of the manga may look forward to seeing. Tanjiro shattered Genya’s arm in the first season’s Final Selection for threatening Kanata Ubuyashiki, the daughter of the Demon Slayer Corps’ leader.

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The awkward exchange between Genya and his older brother in season 1 foreshadows how his arrival in the Swordsmith Village will shed light on his unsettled state of mind.

Muichiro confronts Hantengu and Gyokko, Kizuki Upper-Rank Four and Five, respectively, who have been looking for the Swordsmith Village in an effort to cripple the Demon Slayer Corps. What is the cast of Demon Slayer Season 3, let’s know.

Who Will Be Appearing In The Third Season Of Demon Slayer?

While the third season of Demon Slayer has not yet been announced, it is likely that many of the same actors from the first two seasons will be back. Muichiro Tokito, who plays Mist Hashira, and Mitsuri Kanroji, who plays Love Hashira, both debuted in the twenty-first episode of the first season.

This page lists the Japanese and English voice actors who perform the main characters in Demon Slayer.

  • Tanjiro Kamado – Natsuki Hanae / Zach Aguilar (English)
  • It’s Nezuko Kamado by Akari Kitô and Abby Trott (English)
  • Inosuke Hashibira Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Bryce Papenbrook (English)
  • Hiro Shimono and Aleks Le’s “Zenitsu Agatsuma” (English)
  • For example, “Muzan Kibutsuji” by Toshihiko Seki and “Greg Chun” (English)
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa’s Kagaya Ubuyashiki and Matthew Mercer’s Kagaya Ubuyashiki (English)
  • Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka – Takahiro Sakurai / Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
  • Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji – Kana Hanazawa / Kira Buckland (English)
  • Muichiro Tokito, Kengo Kawanishi, and Mist Hashira / Griffin Burns (English)
  • Ai Kayano (English) / Bridget Hoffman (Japanese) / Tsuguko Kanao Tsuyuri (Japanese) / Brianna Knickerbocker (English) / Flower Hashira, Kanae Kocho (Japanese) (English)

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