Denisha Montgomery’s Cause of Death Lacks to Make Any Sense

Pfc. Denisha Montgomery informed her family just weeks earlier than she died that naval law enforcement agents had beaten her and that she planned to file a complaint about the incident.

Despite claims that the mother of three committed herself while serving abroad, a recent assessment from the U.S. military contradicts such claims.

Denisha Montgomery’s Cause of Death

Instead, the “class of dying” for U.S. Military Pfc. Denisha Montgomery is listed as “pending” on a casualty report.

The casualty report also includes the phrase “Willpower pending” under a section that details the causes of death.

By no means Alone Advocacy CEO Amy Braley Franck has expressed concern over the contradictory research, stating that it “makes no sense.”

She (Montgomery) said (quoting George Floyd), “I can’t breathe.” One of their law enforcement officers was attacked by them. She told her loved ones, “I thought I was going to die.” There are three younger sons in her family. Franck said, during an appearance on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” on Monday, “This doesn’t stack up.”

Franck has directly contacted the FBI to learn more about the investigation.

“I have this contradictory information in paper from the Germans and the U.S. Navy, so it begs the question, we’d like some supervision. As Franck put it, we need the FBI to take over, provide us with genuine openness, and assure the family that they are conducting a legitimate investigation.

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