Dennis Rodman Net Worth: He Owes $860,376 in Child Support

On and off the court, Dennis Rodman is a fascinating figure. Let’s find out how much money this great rebounder made during his time with the Chicago Bulls.

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Dennis Rodman has a net worth of $500,000 as a retired American NBA player, actor, and political ambassador. His stint with the Pistons in the late ’80s and the Bulls in the ’90s are undoubtedly the highlights of his athletic career.

Recent years have seen him acting as somewhat of an intermediary between the United States and North Korea.

After adjusting for inflation, Dennis’s $27 million salary during his NBA career is almost $43 million now. In 1996–97, he made $9 million, which is almost $15 million in today’s dollars. He finished the season as the league’s 10th highest-paid player. Dennis also enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, but he has run into some financial difficulties as an adult.

Dennis Rodman: A Life of Controversy and Success


Dennis Rodman A Life of Controversy and Success

In 1996, MTV aired Rodman’s own reality show, The Rodman World Tour. In the action picture Double Team, starring Mickey Rourke and Jean-Claude Van Damme, he had his first big-screen appearance the next year.

Three Golden Rasberry Awards were given to him because of how poorly received the picture was. He also appeared in the 1999 film Simon Sez and the 2000 film Cutaway. In several episodes of shows like “3rd Rock from the Sun,” he played the role of himself.

In 2005, he made history by posing nude for the animal rights group PETA. In 2005, Rodman was named the Lingerie Football League’s Commissioner. He has also made appearances on the UK reality shows Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. Additionally, he won $222,000 on the ABC game program Celebrity Mole. On Celebrity Apprentice, he competed in 2009 and again in 2013.

In recent years, Rodman has acted as an unofficial representative of the United States in North Korea. He first visited in 2013 for a basketball exhibition and has since made multiple trips back.

He has defied travel restrictions and returned several more times. Rodman acted as a mediator between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in June 2018 in Singapore, which resulted in a historic peace summit. A startup named Pot Coin sponsored Rodman in 2018. When he travels to North Korea, he never fails to sport one of his several Pot Coin tees or caps.

Both of Rodman’s memoirs have helped to boost his public profile. In 1996, he wore a bridal dress to promote his first novel, Bad as I Wanna Be. In 2005, he advertised his second novel, I Should Be Dead By Now, by sitting in a coffin. In 2013, he and Dustin Warburton published a children’s book named Dennis the Wild Bull with illustrations by Dan Monroe.

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Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Owes $860,376 in Child Support

Dennis Rodman was in court in Detroit on March 27, 2012, charged with owing $860,376 in child support to an ex-wife. Rodman’s attorneys stated that their client was completely cash-strapped and unable to make any payments. Remember that Rodman made around $27 million in salary alone throughout his NBA career.

He made a lot more money from things like endorsements, book sales, appearance fees, and so on. Fines and suspensions cost him a pretty penny as well. Rodman was fined $200,000 and suspended for 11 games in 1997 for kicking a referee in the crotch. He lost $1 million in income as a result of the incident.

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