Deontay Wilder vs Robert Helenius Net Worth: Find Out How These Heavyweights Stack Up Before Their Upcoming Fight

When compared to DEONTAY WILDER’s competitor, Robert Helenius, DEONTAY WILDER’s wealth is staggering. On Saturday, two massive heavyweights will square off inside the Barclays Center. Wilder has been away from boxing for a year after losing a trilogy against current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

The 36-year-old will fight the 38-year-old Swedish-Finnish Helenius in order to gain the experience necessary to challenge the top three heavyweights in the future. Wilder wants to face Fury again, as well as Anthony Joshua and the current heavyweight champions in the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO, Oleksandr Usyk. The combined earnings from all three fights would be substantial.

Tickets for Saturday’s fight between Wilder and Helenius are selling for £67 (US) and £12.99 (UK) despite the fact that the fighters’ respective purses remain a mystery. How different or similar are the wealth of these two heavyweights?

Deontay Wilder vs Robert Helenius Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Deontay Wilde?

The strong hitter from Alabama has a modest net worth of £27 million. Despite Wilder’s large £33m income in 2020, this is still the case. That sum incorporates annual earnings of £360,000 from endorsements and sponsorship deals.

Wilder’s record payday comes from his rematch with Tyson Fury and is worth £25 million. Wilder, who has a record of 42-2-1 with 41 knockouts, has a plethora of valuable possessions in his garage. Once his boxing career ends, he wants to devote himself to music full-time. It remains to be seen whether it will be a huge moneymaker for Wilder.

Biography of Deontay Wilder

American boxer Deontay Wilder has been the undisputed champion of the heavyweight division of the World Boxing Council (WBC) since 2015. When it comes to heavyweight titles, Wilder has one of the longest reigns in history. Right now, he is the number two heavyweight fighter in the world. Wilder took the bronze in the amateur division of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Because of this, people began to call him “The Bronze Bomber.” Wilder was a married father of one when he first joined the boxing ring.

When he was younger, Wilder wanted to be a professional athlete. The arrival of his daughter, who was born with a congenital condition, however, compelled him to focus on boxing as a profitable career alternative. Wilder made his way to the top of the boxing world in a little over three years.

It’s common knowledge that he usually wins his fights before the distance meter hits zero. Wilder has won 98% of his fights through knockout. After beating Kelvin Price in a fight in Los Angeles, he has crowned a professional boxing champion for the first time. Before that, Price had never lost a fight, therefore Wilder’s victory against him brought him instant notoriety. Two years in a row, he has been named “Premier Boxing Champions Knockout of the Year.”

What is the Net Worth of Robert Helenius?

Robert Helenius has a net worth of Helenius £900,000 to £4million. he is a heavyweight champion with an impressive track record. Fighters like Dillian Whyte, Adam Kownacki, and Gerald Washington are no match for him. But the money he’s made from those bouts pales in comparison to what Wilder takes home.

Helenius received £67,000, a record sum for him, for his rematch with Kownacki. In spite of this, the Nordic Nightmare is valued at between £900,000 and £4m. It is anticipated that the bout with Wilder will result in his highest earnings to date.

Biography of Robert Helenius

Sweden-own Finland’s Robert Gabriel Helenius (born January 2, 1984) is a professional boxer. He has won many heavyweight titles at the regional level, including the European title twice (first in 2011 and again in 2016). At the 2006 European Championships, he competed as an amateur and won silver. He had victories over heavyweight champions Lamon Brewster, Samuel Peter, and Siarhei Liakhovich.

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