Does Chloe Chrisley See Her Mom, Angela Victoria Johnson?

TV celebrity Kyle Chrisley has a famous daughter named Chloe Chrisley from his relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson. As of 2021, she will be eight years old, having entered the world on November 10, 2012. It was in North Carolina where Chloe lived her entire life. Chrisley Knows Best is a reality show that has followed the Chrisley family since its premiere in 2014. The current season is the ninth overall.

Who is Chloe Chrisley’s Mom Angela Victoria Johnson?

On September 26th, 1968, Angela Victoria Johnson entered the world. She resided in Iva, South Carolina for the majority of her life. Angela had a solitary existence before the birth of her daughter Chloe. When she began dating Kyle Chrisley, the public became aware of her. From the beginning, the relationship was fraught with tension. To be closer to Kyle, Angela moved to Atlanta. Because of Kyle’s drug abuse, their relationship was tense at best.

Their already difficult predicament was made far worse by Kyle’s bipolar disorder and his refusal to take medication. The two continued to argue and escalated to the point that Kyle brandished a knife at her. Reportedly, Kyle assaulted her while she was carrying Chloe. After the birth of their daughter, she and Kyle eventually split up.

Does Chloe Chrisley See Her Mom

Does Chloe Chrisley See Her Mom Angela Victoria Johnson?

When Chloe was a year old, Kyle and Angela Victoria decided to end their marriage. Chloe moved in with her mom after her parents divorced. As a result of Angela’s refusal to allow the Chrisleys to see their granddaughter, the Chrisleys launched a lawsuit against her in 2013. Therefore, the court granted Kyle and Angela dual custody.

Angela’s arrest for Medicaid fraud in 2016 was a sad turn of events. Despite sharing a home with Chrisley, she treated Chloe like a servant, using her for money and other items. Angela owes $20,000 to Medicaid, according to the lawsuit. Chloe’s dad Kyle got arrested not long after that. Because of this, Chloe’s paternal grandparents were granted full custody by the court. Whether or not Angela now pays her child a visit is unclear at this time. After her arrest, she disappeared from all social media.

What Is Angela Victoria Johnson Doing Now?

After her imprisonment for fraud and subsequent loss of custody of her daughter Chloe, Angela Victoria Johnson has stayed out of the spotlight. Privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter keep her accounts private. Her whereabouts at the moment are unknown.

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