Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: That Scar on His Nose, How Did He Get It?

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: During the 23 years that Joseph Patrick Kenda worked as a lieutenant investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department, he was responsible for 387 investigations into manslaughter and was successful in concluding 356 of those investigations, for a success rate of 92 percent.

On the channel Investigation Discovery, he hosts a show titled “Manslaughter Hunter” in which he discusses the cases of murder and other violent crimes that he has investigated. In his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Kenda has not only accomplished outstanding feats, but he has also broken a show rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb with the most popular crime show on Discovery Channel, achieving the organization’s highest viewer rating performance in the process.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

One theory suggests Joe Kenda’s nasal scars are cancerous. Joe doesn’t answer sickness rumors. The prior manslaughter investigator didn’t provide fresh medical information. At 75, he’s joyful, invigorated, optimistic, and vigorous while spending time with Mary Kathleen. His high school sweetheart Mary was his 1967 bride. Dan and Chris are this couple’s lucky offspring.

Joe made his TV debut in 1996 after leaving legal authorization. In the 2011 debut of ‘The Homicide Hunter,’ he was acknowledged as a top-rated entertainer for the first time. ‘American Detective’ will premiere in January 2021. In 2021, he authored “Executioner Triggers,” a true-life biography. Joe Kenda’s nose scar: Joe Kenda and his wife haven’t commented on his nose scars, leaving fans to wonder.

Nobody has enquired about his nose scar. Kenda’s nasal scars were reportedly caused by a malignant skin growth or a facial impact. As a criminal investigator, he may have been attacked during exams. Reddit and Facebook users speculated the scar was created by a dog bite or a drugged-out street pharmacist with a ring. An observer reportedly tried to sneak away during a mission and punctured his nose to do so. Kenda’s nasal activity failed, resulting in a crooked nose.

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Joe Kenda’s Biography

Joe Kenda is noted for his work as an American police investigator who served as a detective lieutenant. During his tenure, he investigated 387 murder cases. Joe was a Pennsylvania native who grew up with a lifelong interest in mysteries and criminal investigations. After receiving his degrees in political science and international affairs, he spent some time working for the trucking company that was owned by his father. After this, in 1973, he became a member of the “Colorado Springs Police Department,” also known as the “CSPD.”

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer
He had a good understanding of human nature and was familiar with the workings of the criminal mind. Because of his skills, he was quickly elevated to the position of detective in the “CSPD” very quickly. He looked at 387 homicide cases and was successful in solving 356 of them, which gives him a success rate of 92%. During his investigation of a case in the middle of the 1990s, he worked himself up into a rage at the accused and had the desire to take his life.

After this event, and in response to his wife’s concerns that he would be murdered on the job, he decided to permanently resign from the police department. After that, he went on to begin his career as a driver for school buses. Since 2011, he has been a regular on an investigative series called “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda,” in which he tells the audience about the true-life cases of criminal activity that he has seen while working for the police department.

Joe Kenda’s Personal Life

After dating for several years prior to their marriage in 1967, high school sweethearts Mary Kathleen Mohler and Joe Kenda finally tied the knot. They are parents to two little ones. The Tidewater region in the state of Colorado is the current home for the family.
Joe enjoys traveling. He is frequently spotted going on vacation with his wife during times when he is not working on his program.

How Did Joe Kenda’s Nose Scar Happen?

Joe Kenda’s nose scars have left fans wondering what happened to their favorite baseball player, but neither he nor his wife has spoken publicly about the incident. No one had the nerve to approach him about the scar on his nose directly. The widespread belief is that Kenda’s skin cancer or a punch to the face is to blame for her nose scars.

It’s possible he was attacked while on the job, as being a murder detective is a dangerous job full of potential dangers. Viewers on Reddit and Facebook guessed that he had been bit by a dog when he was a kid, or that a drug dealer smacked him in the face with a ring during a drugs bust, leaving the scar.

One observer claimed he tried to sneak out of sight during a mission and even got a nose piercing to add realism to the role play. Kenda’s nose job didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, so he now has to live with a permanently deformed nose.

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