Dog’s De@th Leads to 3 Hog Hunters’ De@ths in Texas

Three Florida hog hunters were k!lled in a sewer gas-filled underground tank, a Texas sheriff reported on Thursday. One of the men tried to save their dog when it fell into the hole, and the other two jumped in to save them.

The tank was discovered in a cornfield on the outskirts of Austin with the dead of three people inside—two men, a woman, and the dog. Sheriff of Bastrop County Maurice Cook claimed that the hole was a cistern with a 4-foot wide aperture and 8 feet of water and hydrogen sulfide gas inside.

He claimed that one of the men allegedly entered the cistern to rescue the dog, which he identified as a bloodhound, early on Wednesday morning in the middle of the night. The other two hunters’ clothing and boots were discovered next to the hole, indicating that they took them off before diving in as well, according to Cook.

According to him, authorities think the hunters drowned to the bottom of the hole after being overpowered by hydrogen sulfide gas.

“There was no cover. This was just an open hole in the middle of a cornfield,” Cook said.

Delvys Garcia, 37; Denise Martinez, 26; and Noel Vigil-Benitez, 45, were the fatalities. All were Floridians.

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According to Cook, the cistern contained a “high level” of hydrogen sulfide. He said that amounts that would be lethal might be produced by stagnant water and the rotting of other creatures that had previously perished in the cistern.

A fourth hunting party member, a Texas native, refrained from entering the hole. Cook claimed the hunter informed authorities that their dog had escaped from their truck and that they had used a device attached to the dog’s collar to locate it.

He claimed that divers’ worries about the gas and the strength of the building’s walls hindered attempts to rescue the dead. The tank had “strong fumes, similar to those of a septic tank, coming from the cistern,” the sheriff’s office claimed.

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