Don Shane Cause Of Death: The “Heart of Wxyz,” 70-Year-Old Don Shane

Don Shane, a popular sportscaster who had worked for Channel 7 for a long time, died suddenly on Friday, February 24, 2023. He was seventy years old when he died, or when he passed away.

Don Shane was respected in Oklahoma City and beyond because of how much he loved sports and how enthusiastic he was about them. He was a true master at bringing each venue to life with excitement during each broadcast, which earned him a lot of respect. Read this article carefully to find out more about why Don Shane died.

What happened to kill Don Shane?

Mona, his wife, told people that Don Shane, a longtime sportscaster, had died at age 70. WXYZ star Diana Lewis also paid tribute to him. On the network on Saturday, February 25, Mona Shane talked about her husband’s death.

Don Shane has been talking about sports in Detroit for more than 20 years. When he finished journalism school in 1989, he went right to work for Channel 7 on WXYZ, where he has been giving all the sports news for the past 30 years.

Don Shane Cause Of Death

The sportscaster’s position on the network was strengthened by his Dare Don segments, in which he took on different challenges. In a challenge, Don Shane went up against Chris Spielman, who used to play for the Lions. Shane broke three ribs in the accident, but the challenges made him famous as a broadcaster.

On Saturday, February 25, news came out that Don Shane had died at age 70. Shane died at his home in California. His son Justin and daughter Lindsay were there with him.

Mona Shane and WXYZ did not say what caused her death. Don Shane’s health has gotten worse over the past few years, despite this. The late sportscaster quit his job in 2012, which is more than ten years ago. The Detroit News says that his health has been bad lately.

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