Eduin Caz Net Worth 2022: When Did He Form “Grupo Firme”?

Eduin Caz Net Worth: The Mexican singer Eduin Caz has garnered acclaim for his incredible talent and distinctive voice. The lead singer of the popular band Groupo Firme, known for hits like “Cada Ves Te Extrana Mas” and “El Amor No Fue Pa Mi,” he has sung in other bands. If you’re curious about Eduin Caz net worth, family, and other personal details, you’ve come to the right place.

Eduin Caz Net Worth

His singing in the Mexican band “Grupo Firme” is the main source of his fortune. Nos divertimos Logrando Lo Imposible, Viva Mexico, En Vivo Desde Anaheim, En Vivo Desde Tijuana, El Barco, En Vivo Desde Culiacan Sinaloa Con Szl, and Pasado, Presente, Futuro are only a few of the band’s releases.

Grupo Firme performed at Coachella in 2022. In the history of Coachella, this is the first time a banda ensemble has performed there. They were even presented with a key to the city of Coachella. We can celebrate the beauty of Mexico tonight,” Eduin said. And he added, “Regional Mexican music isn’t regional anymore.” As a result, Eduin Caz is likely valued at around $2 million.

Eduin Caz Net Worth

Eduin Caz Biography

Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares, better known by his stage name Eduin Caz, was born on July 30, 1994, in Mexico. Since he was a little boy, Caz has been actively pursuing his musical passions with the support of his family. Having an elder brother like Johnny Cazares, who is also a skilled musician, meant that Caz was exposed to music from an early age. Singer Eduin Caz is a member of the band “Grupo Firme,” together with his brother, Johnny Cazares.

In addition to “ark Amor No Fue Pa Mi,” the band is also known for “El Toxico.” Another smash single by Eduin Caz is Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo. In 2015, the famous musician wed his high school girlfriend, Daisy Anahy; the following year, the couple welcomed twins, Eduin Gerardo and Dhasia Geraldine. The musician has gained 3.72,000 fans on YouTube and 4.4 million on Instagram.

Eduin Caz: Career

As a member of the band Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz has achieved great success as a musician and singer in Mexico. It’s a company that promotes regional and band music from Mexico. They follow him in large numbers.

The musician has been a major success, however, he has revealed very little about his background or career. He’s been interested in music ever since he was a kid, and he’s got his whole family on board with it. The Mexican gang ‘Grupo Firme’, to which he belongs, is very pervasive in that country.

Eduin Caz’s love for music began at a very early age; he began singing professionally and driving a bus while still in high school. So that he might advance his career, he moved to Tijuana. Reto Sierreo was the band he and Joaquin Ruiz, afterward the guitarist for Grupo Firme, played in together.

Eventually, however, the group broke up, and its members began a replacement assignment known as Aventado2 de Tijuana, ultimately joining Los 4 de la Frontera.

In 2014, Eduin Caz and Joaquin Ruiz, together with three other friends, formed a band under the name Fuerza Oculta, to play cover versions of popular songs at local bars and events.

After people started noticing them, they changed their name to Grupo Fuerza; however, there were already several bands with the same name, so they settled on Grupo Firme and named Eduin their frontman.

A deal with Music VIP Entertainment was reached, and they quickly began making their music. The release of “Pasado, Presente, Futuro,” their first studio album, occurred in April 2017. After that, the guys released “El Barco,” their second studio album, which featured fan favorites including “Gente De Verdad,” “El Bueno de Tijuana,” and “Las Metas.”

Their breakthrough hit “Tu Postura” didn’t come until the following year, but it was supported by other incredible singles in 2018 like “Padme,” “El Roto,” and “Juro Por Dios.”

In the same year that they performed in Colombia, they recorded a live CD titled “En Vivo Desde Desde Medelln Colombia.” Songs like “Me Case De Amarte,” “El Mundo A Tus Pies,” “El Amor No Fue Para Mi,” for which the band was nominated for a Premios Juventud, and “Me Muero” provided the album’s foundation.

They followed this success up with the releases of several live albums including “Viva México,” “En Vivo Desde Anaheim, California,” and “Nos Divertimos Logrando Lo Impossible,” for which they were awarded both a Premios Juventud and a Grammy Latino.

They won an additional three Premios Juventud awards and five Premio Lo Nuestro awards in 2021. Through the success of their single “Ya Supérame,” they were finally able to break onto the Billboard Hot 100 in October. Just recently, in December 2021, they released a single titled “Cada Quien” which featured Maluma.

Eduin Caz Persnal Life

Eduin Caz just tied the knot with Daisy Anahy, a well-known TikTok performer and Instagram influencer. They reportedly wed in 2015 but had been dating since they were high school sweethearts. In March of 2022, Eduin posted a photo of himself and his wife on Instagram with the message, “What gives me strength before coming on stage is being with my loved ones.” Both Eduin and Dharsia are Daisy and Eduin’s children.

Whenever Daisy and her brother go on an expedition, she posts about it on Instagram and TikTok, and the two of them will even collaborate on silly skits. The family appears to be quite quiet about their life away from the spotlight, thus nothing is known about Daisy’s personal life beyond the fact that she posts images of herself and her family and teaches beauty tips.

When Eduin slipped and fell off the stage during a performance, it became one of his most iconic moments. Many of his devotees blamed booze for the incident, but Eduin explained that he had been knocked over by a fan who had grabbed him. Eduin claimed that he was outraged by the remark at the time but now finds it hilarious.

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