To the Surprise of No One, Election-fraud Skeptic Lake Lost Big in Arizona

Election-fraud Skeptic Lake Lost Big in Arizona: Kari Lake, a contender for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona, gave a speech at the night rally held by the Republican Party of Arizona for the midterm elections in the United States in Scottsdale, Arizona, on November 8, 2022.

Election-fraud Big Devastating Loss at Arizona’s Skeptic Lake

Edison Research predicted on Monday that Kari Lake, one of the most prominent Republican candidates in the midterm elections to endorse former President Donald Trump’s baseless accusations of voter fraud in 2020, had lost her ambition to become the next governor of Arizona.

Arizona is a battleground state and will likely play a crucial role in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, making the governor’s contest between Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs one of the most critical in the general election.

The defeat of Trump-backed candidate Mike Lake comes one day before Trump is widely expected to declare yet another run for the White House. Hobbs tweeted, “Democracy is worth the wait,” after the Arizona governor’s race was called. For his part, Lake tweeted his distaste for the election calls, writing, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

Conspiracy theorists wrongly allege that mail-in voting is subject to fraud, creating voter skepticism of a voting mechanism utilized by hundreds of thousands of Americans. Lake had sworn to prohibit mail-in voting in the state.

For Democrats, her loss capped off a successful week as they thwarted the GOP’s predictions of a “red wave” in the midterm elections.

U.S. Senate power remained in Democratic hands as candidates in battleground states like Arizona and Nevada won reelection, and Vice President Kamala Harris was able to cast the deciding vote. If Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock prevails against Republican candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia’s runoff on December 6, the Democrats would have more clout over committee assignments, legislation, and judicial appointments, and they may even gain a simple majority in the Senate.

Election-fraud Skeptic Lake Lost Big in Arizona
Voters’ failure to penalize Democrats in a wave of gubernatorial, congressional, and statehouse races for record inflation, which included rising gas and food costs, surprised no one. Instead, Democratic losses were limited, in part due to voter mobilization in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the right to abortion.

Republicans were still making incremental gains toward a majority in the House. On Monday, Republicans had gained 214 seats, Democrats had won 207, and a majority would require 218 members. If the Republicans take the House, they may block any legislation that President Joe Biden proposes.

It may be many days before there is adequate information on who will control the 435-seat House.

Former TV news presenter Ben Lake was one of many Republican candidates affiliated with Trump who was defeated in crucial swing states. Voters in contests for governor and other statewide elected offices in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin all rejected election deniers.

In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by a razor-thin margin in Arizona. Arizona’s current secretary of state, Hobbs, gained national fame after responding to Trump’s allegations of voting fraud by defending the state’s election results. She was elected on Monday to replace Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who was barred from running again due to term limitations.

There was a delay of over a week in Arizona before the final results were announced following the election on November 8. In Arizona, early votes cannot be processed without first verifying the signatures of registered voters. Officials have stated that the delay in the count is the result of the hundreds of thousands of early ballots cast at drop boxes on Election Day.

Lake and Trump claimed that Republican votes were being suppressed because of temporary issues with electronic vote-counting devices in Maricopa County on Election Day.

A judge ruled against Republicans’ plea to extend voting hours, citing a lack of proof that voters were disenfranchised due to the current situation.

Lake appeared on Fox News on a Sunday and claimed the long counting process was “trampling” voters’ rights and was more proof that Arizona’s election administration needed to be overhauled. It’s unacceptable that Arizona’s elections have become a national joke, and she vowed not to let it continue under her leadership as governor.

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