Complete Election Results for Michigan in 2022 Can Be Found Below

Election Results for Michigan: First-term Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer is being opposed by Tudor Dixon, a conservative television personality backed by the state’s influential DeVos family.

Exhaustive Report on Michigan’s Election

In Michigan, millions of people cast their ballots on Tuesday in a midterm election that could have enormous implications for the future of the state. As a result, the state’s report card is almost finished being filled out.

The polls closed at 8 o’clock in the evening, a deadline that also accelerated the tallying of the votes cast. The majority of the state of Michigan is in the eastern time zone, but four counties on the western tip of the Upper Peninsula are in the central time zone. This means that the polls in those counties closed an hour after they did everywhere else in the state.

Initial counts are beginning to be posted online even though it is not anticipated that the whole unofficial results will be available until Wednesday morning at the earliest.

The citizens of Michigan had the opportunity to vote for state officials such as the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, as well as all members of the Michigan State Legislature. The spotlight was also shone on many proposals to modify the Constitution of Michigan, primarily concerning abortion rights but also touching on voting restrictions and term limitations.

Election Results for Michigan
The fight for representation at the federal level was intense and highly expensive despite the fact that political boundaries had been completely rewritten and there was one less congressional district than before.

Check back here throughout the night for updates on the latest race totals, which will be posted for contests all the way down the ballot.

What Really is at Risk Here?

A significant amount of attention was focused on the marquee elections for governor and the question of whether or not to modify the Michigan Constitution to include abortion rights. There is still a chance for Tudor Dixon, a businesswoman from Norton Shores, to make Gretchen Whitmer a one-term governor, despite the fact that opinion polls typically showed that the Democratic incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer was doing better than the Republican opponent Tudor Dixon.

The abortion amendment, known as Proposal 3, was also performing well in opinion polls leading up to Election Day; nevertheless, opponents spent more than $16 million arguing that the measure should not be included in the state Constitution because it was both too radical and too unclear.

In addition, a secretary of state and an attorney general were selected by the voters. Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat from Detroit running for secretary of state, faced a challenge from Kristina Karamo, a candidate for the Republican party, and Matthew DePerno, a candidate for the Republican party’s attorney general nomination, faced off against Democratic incumbent Dana Nessel.

A number of municipal races, including county millages and races for school board, as well as control of the Michigan Legislature, are also up for grabs in this election.

When Can We Expect to Hear the Results?

After the county and state canvassing boards have confirmed the tallies, it will be many weeks before the official final results are released. In some of the smaller cities, though, the unofficial results can be available as early as Tuesday night. However, in areas such as Detroit and Grand Rapids, the final unofficial results are not expected to be available until some point on Wednesday.

This is partly attributable to the fact that over 2 million individuals voted in the election using absentee ballots. The law in Michigan specifies that clerks cannot begin counting these ballots until the day of the election; the entire process is more laborious than counting votes cast in person on Election Day, and as a result, it takes more time.

It also has the potential to produce what some people refer to as a “red mirage,” which is a situation in which the Republicans appear to be doing well after the votes from Election Day are counted, only for them to lose significant ground when the totals from absentee ballots are added to the total.

While clerks all around the state and the country warned of these expected concerns and counseled patience, similar calls went unheeded in 2020 when former President Donald Trump and many others alleged widespread election fraud without producing convincing evidence.

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