Elite Season 6: Everything You Need to Know!

Since the last episode of Elite’s 5th season came out in April of this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next season. Even before the 5th season came out, Netflix announced that the show would be back for the 6th season. This made fans all over the world go crazy.

Since the first season came out in October 2018, the show has become a cult favorite around the world. It’s one of the most-watched Netflix shows because it has murder, thrills, romance, sex, and mystery all in one. Three students at a made-up high school called Las Encinas were the focus of the first season. Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, who all have scholarships, get caught up in the investigation of the murder of one of their classmates.

As old students graduated and new ones came to the school, many new characters were introduced in the next seasons. Now that the last season of the show ended on a cliffhanger, fans are guessing about when the next season will come out and what it will be about.

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What to Expect from Elite Season 6?

Armando’s death was the main focus of Elite’s fifth season. It also showed Samuel’s dead body floating in a pool in the future. The season ended with a cliffhanger, where Samuel gets a SIM card to use as proof against principal Benjamin.

Samuel, on the other hand, fights with Benjamin, which causes Samuel to fall, hit his head on the ground, and end up in the pool. As Patrick calls for help, Omar and Rebeka get to the spot. They see that their friend may be dying, and they blame Benjamin for it.

Samuel will either live or die in Season 6. Benjamin will be in trouble if he dies, and he might even be arrested. The show might also look at how his arrest affects his three kids, Patrick, Ari, and Mencia. It would also mean that someone else would be in charge of the school.

Who Will Appear in Elite Season 6?

In Elite season 6, some of the old cast members might leave because their characters will be moving on. Omar Ayuso played Omar, Claudia Salas played Rebeka, and Georgina Amorós played Cayetana. Itzan Escamilla could stay on the show since the story is still about Samuel.

Carla Daz will play Ari, Martina Cariddi will play Menca, Manu Rios will play Patrick, Pol Granch will play Phillipe, Diego Martn will play Benjamin, André Lamoglia will play Iván, and Valentina Zenere will play Isadora.

Netflix has announced that Carmen Arrufat, Ana Bokesa, lvaro de Juana, Ander Puig, and Alex Pastrana will be joining the show as well. Puig will be the first character in the show to be transgender.

When Will Elite Season 6 be out?

Netflix renewed the show in October 2021, but it hasn’t said when it will come out. And since the last season came out in April of this year, it’s unlikely that the date for the new season will be announced soon.

In the past, there were about nine to ten months between each season. If things keep going the same way, the next season should come out in January or February 2023.

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Is There Any Trailer for Elite Season 6?

At the moment, there is no trailer for Elite season 6, but we will let you know as soon as there is one. Keep an eye on our website for the latest news and updates about the show in the meantime.


Why did Valerio leave Elite?

Valerio – Jorge López

He also started a polyamorous relationship with Cayetana and Polo while going back to selling drugs to pay for his lifestyle. This happened after he was kicked out of his family’s home because his relationship with Lu was made public.

Where can I watch all the Seasons of Elite?

At the moment, you can stream “Elite” on Netflix.

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