EMSA Answers Calls Related to Heat-Related Illness as Temperatures Soar

On Monday, EMSA(Emergency Medical Services Authority) reported receiving two calls in the Oklahoma City region relating to heat-related illnesses, one of which resulted in a hospital transfer.
According to EMSA spokesperson Adam Paluka, the news came the day after paramedics responded to nine calls in the OKC region for people who may have been unwell due to the heat. Most of these calls originated from the Oklahoma State Fair.

At least two of the calls resulted in individuals being transported to the hospital. Sunday saw the fourth Medical Heat Alert of 2018 from EMSA.

To prevent heat exhaustion, EMSA recommends that consumers drink water or electrolyte-replacement beverages many hours before venturing into scorching temperatures.

Visitors to the fair should dress lightly and loosely and avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine, especially if they plan to be out all day.

In addition, EMSA advises that individuals always have a mobile phone on them, check in on senior neighbors, and utilize the “buddy system” when working outside.

EMSA Answers Calls Related to Heat-Related Illness

Amber Perras and her husband Stephen went to the Oklahoma State Fair on a day when temperatures reached well into the mid-90s, so they took several safety precautions.

Amber protected herself from the rain with an umbrella and a neck fan that looked like a set of headphones. Moreover, she had a giant jug of lemonade in her hand. In the meantime, their daughter, who was two years old, sat in a stroller with a canopy.

Stephen Perras said, “The baby has a spray bottle fan.” “Keeping hydrated, taking frequent rests, relaxing in the shade, and enjoying the cool interiors of the buildings.”

Having another kid means the Perras family’s health is of utmost importance.

We know there are some things she can’t do since my wife is a couple of weeks pregnant,” Stephen Perras said. “Many pauses also help. But as soon as one of us begins to look exhausted or pale in the face, we both go and sit down.”

Amber Perras advised, “The best way to do it goes down the street, and then every time you see a building, go inside it.”

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