Eric Roberts Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Julia Roberts’s Brother?

The American actor Eric Anthony Roberts. His career kicked off with a nomination for a Golden Globe for his work in King of the Gypsies (1978). Another Golden Globe nomination was bestowed upon him for his work in Bob Fosse’s Star 80. (1983).

Roberts’ performance as prison escapee Buck McGeehy in Runaway Train earned him nominations for both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor (1985).

Eric Roberts is famous for being Julia Roberts’ brother and Emma Roberts’ father. Eric Roberts’ fame stems not only from his work with other actors. Both Eric and Julia went silent for quite some time.

The breakup resulted from his history of drug abuse and Julia’s support for his ex-girlfriend in the custody struggle over their daughter Emma.

In an interview with People magazine from 2004, he revealed that he and his sister were reunited when he visited the hospital after she gave birth to twins.

What is the Net Worth of Eric Roberts in 2022?

Actor Eric Roberts of the United States has a $2 million fortune. In his early career, Roberts played prominent roles in films like “King of the Gypsies,” which helped propel his fame. Eric’s first foray into Hollywood was with this 1978 film, which also garnered him his first nomination for a Golden Globe. After performing in 1983’s “Star 80,” he was nominated for a second Golden Globe. The Golden Globes and the Academy Award nominations came in for his performance in “Runaway Train” in 1985.

Eric Roberts Net Worth

Eric Roberts Biography

Famous American actor Eric Anthony Roberts is the younger brother of Oscar winner Julia Roberts. Movies like “King of the Gypsies,” “Wolves of Wall Street,” “Runaway Train,” “Deadline,” and “Sicilian Vampire” helped make him a household name. Roberts got his start on NBC’s ‘How to Survive a Marriage,’ an American television soap opera. He made his acting debut in the drama film “King of the Gypsies” in 1978. The Frank Pierson-directed picture was a smashing blockbuster, and it earned Julia Roberts a nomination for the ‘Golden Globe Award’ in the category of ‘Best Motion Picture Acting Debut.’ Next, he appeared in Bob Fosse’s Star 80 (1983), an American film. The film was a hit, and Roberts was honored with the “Boston Society of Film Critics Award” for “Best Actor” for his outstanding work in it. Later, he had a starring role in the drama thriller ‘Runaway Train,’ for which he was nominated for two awards. Roberts has also guest-starred in the CBS network’s hit American police program CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The Early Life of Eric Roberts

On April 18, 1956, Eric Anthony Roberts was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. They co-founded an acting and writing workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, where his father was a teacher and his mother a performer. As a result, Eric and his younger sister Julia were immersed in the world of acting from an early age, as their parents owned a children’s acting school in Georgia. But for the two Roberts kids, life wasn’t always smooth sailing. In 1971, Mom and Dad went their separate ways, and by 1972, they were legally divorced.

After his parents parted, Eric was raised by his father without his sisters. Unfortunately, his father passed away just a few years later from cancer. After this, he became estranged from his mother and sisters, but things were also tricky for them. His mother’s decision to wed an alcoholic and an unemployed slacker was the “worst mistake of her life,” he was told.

Eric Roberts: Career

In 1977, Eric made his acting debut in the soap opera Another World. The films “King of the Gypsies,” “Star 80,” and “Runaway Train” marked his transition into the film industry. At the same time, he was making appearances in Broadway productions like “Burn This.” Eric had a prolific 80s and 90s, appearing in a wide range of films, and continued to build his impressive resume into the 2000s. In addition, he made history as the first actor who wasn’t British to play the Master on “Dr. Who.”

Some of his other film roles include those in “Less than Perfect,” “The L Word,” “Law & Order,” and “Heroes,” among many others. With his voice work as the villain Mongul in “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited,” Roberts became well-known in the voice acting industry. His other voice-over work includes episodes of “Danny Phantom.”

Eric played a Gotham City mob lord in “The Dark Knight,” one of his highest-grossing flicks. A villainous lead role in “The Expendables” followed. His most recent performances have been in films like “The Institute” and television series like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Personal Life of Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts dated multiple women throughout his life, but his most publicized partnerships were with actresses. In the 1970s, Sandy Dennis spent five years as Eric Roberts’ roommate. Next, he went after a romance with a woman named Kelly Cunningham. While with Cunningham, he had his only child, actress Emma Roberts.

Soon after reaching adulthood, Emma began an excellent acting career with the 2001 film “Blow.” Since then, she has made guest appearances on numerous more shows and movies, the most notable of which is “American Horror Story.” The year 2020 saw the birth of Emma’s child, making Eric Roberts a grandfather. Sometime later, it was revealed that Eric and Cunningham had fought for custody of their daughter. Eric alleges his older sister sided with Kelly in the case. Eric wed Eliza Roberts, an actor, in 1992.

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