Erin Brockovich’s Net Worth: A Look at Her Financial Success

E. Brockovich, Erin How wealthy is Erin Brockovich? – After winning a case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in 1996, environmental activist, consumer advocate, and former legal clerk Erin Brockovich shot to celebrity.

Erin Brockovich Net Worth

American legal assistant and environmental activist Erin Brockovich has a net worth of $10 million. Erin Brockovich is well-known for her work in bringing legal action against the California utility Pacific Gas & Electric.

Hexavalent chromium contamination of drinking water was suspected in the town of Hinkley in southern California. In 1996, the case was settled for $333 million, which at the time was the biggest sum ever paid to resolve a direct action lawsuit in the United States.

Erin Brockovich: A Woman of Many Talents

Brockovich has a number of sources of income, making it difficult to pin down an exact sum when discussing her salary. She has been a consultant for a wide range of law firms, as well as a writer, public speaker, and environmental activist. According to several sources, her consulting fees are in the six figures, and her speaking fees range from $10,000 to $25,000.

Erin Brockovich: The Whistleblower Who Won a $333 Million Settlement

Erin Brockovich The Whistleblower Who Won a $333 Million Settlement

Before beginning her career as a legal clear for California attorney Edward L. Masry, Brockovich worked at Kmart and competed in a beauty contest. In 1993, she began looking into a mysterious outbreak of sickness in the town of Hinkley, California. A compressor plant for a natural-gas pipeline was established at Hinkley back in 1952.

Hexavalent chromium was employed by Pacific Gas & Electric to prevent corrosion at the station between 1952 and 1966, and the company dumped the resulting waste water into unlined ponds nearby, where it eventually seeped into the earth.

Brockovich played a crucial role in arranging the case against PG & E because of the abnormally high rate of illness in the two square miles surrounding the plant. In 1996, the case was settled for $333 million, which at the time was the biggest sum ever paid to resolve a direct action lawsuit in the United States.

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Erin Brockovich: The Woman Who Took on Big Business

Following this victory, Brockovich continued her partnership with Edward Masry and participated in more cases aimed at reducing pollution. One of these cases involved yet another compressor station owned by PG & E in California.

In 2006, the dispute was resolved for $335 million. She has also assisted with instances in Missouri, Texas, and New York involving the connection between pollution and human illness.

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