Eve Jobs Net Worth: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Signs With DNA Model Management

Eve Jobs is the oldest of Adam Jobs’s two daughters; the late Steve Jobs was the eldest. She has built an excellent reputation as a horse rider competitor. All throughout the world, she’s shared the stage with celebrities on a number of occasions. She is a strong, self-reliant, goal-oriented lady.

Even at an early age, Eve had already carefully considered her future and made the autonomous decision to pursue riding as a profession. After finishing high school, she decided to devote her time entirely to equestrian riding, so she took the following year off. She focused on her equestrian career initially before deciding to attend Stanford University.

Eve Jobs is determined to make her own way in the world, despite the fact that she is Steve Jobs’ daughter. Eve is a dedicated fan of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. In her spare time, she does other things she loves, such as going on hikes, diving underwater, and visiting new places, all while on her horse. Not so long ago, she was employed as a model by Glossier.

What is the Net Worth of Eve Jobs?

By 2022, Eve Jobs is expected to have amassed a fortune of $15 million. The CSI 3 Grand Prix competition in Lexington, Kentucky was valued $130,000, and Eve won first place. Jobs also bested the competition to claim the 2019 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix and its $100,000 prize in British Columbia, Canada. Despite being the heir to her family’s $21.7 billion fortune, Jobs is carving her own path to success by, among other things, becoming a champion show jumper and, more recently, establishing a modeling career.

Her 460,000 Instagram followers see glimpses of her glitzy life, including her celebration of Stanford graduation with pals, her successful equestrian career, and her extravagant travels. Jobs’ success as a brand marketer and ambassador adds to the fortune she has amassed from her own creative endeavors.

Eve Jobs Net Worth

Eve Jobs Assets

Her father, Steve Jobs, dropped $16 million on a 3.5-acre ranch in Florida’s Wellington in 2016 so that she could train there. Twenty horses can be stabled in the ranch’s heated barn, and there’s an indoor arena for show jumping.

Four bedrooms and five baths are available at Jobs’ ranch, along with a 40-foot swimming pool. Her family has at least four houses, including a seven-bedroom, six-million-pound home in Palo Alto and a three-acre, thirty-three-million-pound residence in Malibu.

The family apparently paid cash for their £12 million, four-story property in San Francisco, and they inherited two properties in Woodside, California, valued at a combined £13 million. Steve paid £75 million to have a 256-foot luxury yacht named Venus built, but he died before she was finished.

Photos showing Eve and her mother sunbathing on the boat off the coast of Cannes appeared earlier this year, suggesting that the whole family has been making use of it. They have two private jets, one costing £43 million and the other costing £7.5 million so that Eve can travel the world at her leisure.

The Early Life of Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs was born on May 2, 1998, to Steve Jobs and his ex-wife Laurene Powell. Her older sisters are Erin Siena Jobs and Lisa Brennan Jobs, and her younger brother is Reed Jobs (her half-sister).

After finishing high school, Eve focused solely on her riding career by spending a year at Upper Echelon Academy. She decided to get her degree in science, technology, and society from Stanford University.

Eve Jobs: Career

Jobs’ interest in horses began at a young age when she was only six years old. Her riding prowess has earned her several contests. She had a hard time juggling her schoolwork with her riding at first, but her California high school helped her pay for tuition at Upper Echelon Academy, an online school with lessons designed specifically for equestrians and their demanding training and competition schedules.

Jobs has cast a wide range of famous models, including Gigi Hadid, Paloma Elsesser, and many more. In 2020, Jobs made her debut with a holiday commercial for the cosmetics company Glossier.

At the Copernic spring/summer 2022 show, she debuted during Paris Fashion Week 2021. She expressed her gratitude to the show’s producers and her 262,000 Instagram followers.

Personal Life of Eve Jobs

Jobs also had a cameo in the music video for “Take My Time” by Harry Hudson. Because of the link established in early 2021, both are now available simultaneously. Nonetheless, in August, there was talk of a rift. Eugenio Garza Perez, a horse rider, has been accused of having connections to Jobs.

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