Extreme Cold Weather Comes Into The Northeast, Bringing Wind Chills Below Zero

Temperatures far below zero are expected to be delivered across the Northeast this weekend, making it feel even colder for the region’s more than 20 million residents.

All of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are under wind chill warnings and advisories, and they are expected to last at least until Saturday morning. Extremely low temperatures threaten not just most of New York, but also the northern counties of Pennsylvania.

Low temperatures, 0, are indicated by the thermometer placed in the snow. Measurements of cold in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The temperature outside is a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

Until warmer weather arrives on Sunday, officials in a number of states have recommended the public stay indoors and opened shelters and warming centers to help those in need, especially those in the homeless community who are most sensitive to the cold.

On Twitter first thing on a Friday morning, New York Governor Kathy Hochul warned of “dangerous low temperatures” and “severe wind chills” for the state. We are working closely with New York City authorities to equip them with the resources they require to protect the public’s safety. Please reduce your time spent outside, dress in layers, and exercise caution while using non-conventional heat sources.

Extremely cold winds are blowing down from Canada, threatening entire states. National Weather Service blizzard warnings are in effect for nearly 70,000 residents in Penobscot and Aroostook counties in northern Maine through Saturday evening.

Blizzard conditions with severe blowing snow are forecast for open areas today into Saturday. Caribou, Maine’s weather service pleaded with residents to stay off the roads if possible.

On Friday, the Maine State Police posted photographs of deteriorating road conditions in Aroostook County and issued a warning to drivers that “blinding whiteouts” are possible in any section of the state with wide fields and snow.

“The County’s vast fields and views are one of its many charms, but on days like today, they can be downright dangerous. Make sure you get where you’re going safely. “What starts out as clear roads can turn into blind spots in a matter of minutes,” the Maine State Police wrote on Facebook.

In addition to the snowstorm, the meteorological office in Caribou reported that the wind chill in certain sections of northern Maine on Friday night reached a low of -69 degrees, with many other regions experiencing wind chills of -35 degrees to -50 degrees.

Although the effects did not appear to be substantial or widespread on Friday, the local weather service reported some power outages in Maine due to water within trees freezing, expanding, and causing branches to crack and knock down power lines.

Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the tallest peak in the Northeast, reportedly set a new national record for the lowest wind chill temperature on Friday night, with a wind chill of – 108 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to a temperature of minus 46 and wind gusts of 127 miles per hour. While wind chill records aren’t kept as meticulously as temperature records, this one would still set a new low.

The Northeast has not been the only region hit by freezing weather this week. Further south, an ice storm that killed at least eight people caused widespread power disruptions in Texas and Arkansas.

In Texas, numerous rounds of ice, sleet, and freezing rain made roadways dangerous and weighed down trees, causing them to break and take down power lines, leaving some 150,000 homes and businesses without electricity early Saturday. According to the website Poweroutage us, more than 35,000 homes and businesses in Arkansas were without power as of early Saturday morning.

Assistance For The Homeless

New York City’s Department of Homeless Services tweeted Friday night that a “cold blue” had been issued due to the severe weather in the Northeast.

Because of the excessive cold, public services must be made available when this status is declared. New Yorkers are encouraged to report anyone they see living on the streets, and those in need can access the city’s emergency shelter system if they are in danger.

In the event of a Code Blue, “no one who is experiencing homelessness and seeking refuge in New York City will be denied,” a spokeswoman stated.

It is expected to be in the single digits in New York City, with the coldest time being early Saturday morning when temperatures may drop to 8 degrees amid gusts that make it feel like it is closer to 7 degrees below zero.

“Homeless outreach teams will be talking to any New Yorker on the street and giving them warm shelter,” the city tweeted on Friday.

Erie County, New York, home to Buffalo, likewise declared a “code blue” and opened three emergency shelters for the night as well as daytime warming facilities.

State officials have announced the opening of warming facilities in the states of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

According to their Facebook pages, both Cannon Mountain Ski Resort in Franconia and Wildcat Mountain in Gorham have closed due to the extreme cold. The worst winds could make it seem as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

The situation in Vermont was similar, with some ski facilities closing their doors to the public and refusing to reopen on Friday.

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