Fact-Checking Policy

Every news article on the site goes through a thorough verification process, and we aim for 100% accurate headlines. To distinguish between verified facts and industry chatter that is relevant to our readers, rumours and insider reports are labelled appropriately.

We make sure the material is current and reliable before writing any post. Before we start writing, we always double-check our sources and go all the way back to the original source (and any relevant reference material). Even if other media sites present unsupported information as official confirmation, we need 100% confirmation in order to make that claim. We never publish clickbait. We may use big language in our headlines, but we don’t make generalizations just to be bold. It needs to be verified as true and accurate. In addition to reporting the news, journalization articles include industry-leading insight that explains why the news is significant to you.

The journalization team is made up of authors with a variety of experiences in the entertainment business who have come together out of a shared enthusiasm for all things entertainment and a desire to offer our site’s visitors the best and most interesting content.

Experienced in the field, our authors and editors make certain that each new piece contains the most recent information, the most accurate information, and all pertinent facts. We adhere to fundamental journalism standards when we are the original source.

The standards for feature content remain the same, and we emphasise the need of thorough research and objectivity as well as the need to provide a convincing case (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counter-arguments). With this method, we can handle more scenarios and provide readers with the answers to their problems before they even arise.

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