Family of Madeline Kingsbury Relieved as the ‘Right Person’ is Arrested Ex-Partner in Custody

After police confirmed the arrest of the father and ex-partner of the 26-year-old Madeline Kingsbury who inexplicably vanished in March, her family told Fox News Digital they believe “the right person is in custody.”

According to Rebecca Jacobson, Kingsbury’s aunt, “the family believes the right person is in custody and holding out hope that we’re going to find Madeline.”

According to the Winona Police Department, human remains were discovered in Mable, Minnesota on June 7 and led to the arrest of Kingsbury’s ex-partner and the father of her two children, Adam Fravel.

Kingsbury’s father released a statement in which he said, “We have been informed that Adam is in custody.”

On the jail roster page of the Winona County Sheriff’s Office, Fravel, 29, was noted as being detained on suspicion of second-degree murder on Wednesday.

Arrest Made in Connection to Disappearance

The body was discovered in some brush off Highway 43, according to a Facebook post by the department, and it was located with the help of the evidence gathered during the inquiry.

“Because of this, law enforcement personnel have arrested Adam Fravel on probable cause in connection to her disappearance.” Winona police wrote in a Facebook post.

The remains are being positively identified by law enforcement, according to the police.

Kingsbury’s absence was earlier described as “involuntary” and “suspicious” by Winona Police Chief Tom Williams, who added that authorities were “concerned for her safety.”

On March 31, Fravel was the last person to see her alive. He had earlier asserted his innocence, claiming he “did not have anything to do with Maddi’s disappearance.”

The tweet below confirms the news:

In an April statement, Fravel said, “Over the course of the previous 12 days my family and I have been subject to a multiplicity of charges about the disappearance of the mother of my children. “I had nothing to do with Maddi’s disappearance,” I said.

Fravel has fought in court for custody of his two kids, a 2-year-old boy, and a 5-year-old girl, since Kingsbury vanished.

According to court records that Fox News Digital previously obtained, Fravel tried to regain custody of the children, but refused to work with Child Protection Services.

“At one point, (Fravel) took the younger child into the residence and locked the door despite being told that the children were in the care and custody of Winona County,” a petition filed on April 4 by Winona County Health and Human Services alleges.

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The petition claims that during the interaction on April 4, Fravel was “non-cooperative” and refused to give social workers access to the children.

On that day, social workers and police allegedly engaged in a tense, hostile confrontation with Fravel in an attempt to seize custody of the children, who are two and five years old, despite the fact that he lacks custodial rights, according to a court document.

Kingsbury’s family has organized neighborhood people to continue looking for the missing mother ever since she vanished.

After Fravel was taken into custody, Kingsbury’s family expressed their “distraught” over the development and how “it’s all hitting home at once.”

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