Fans Attack Kyle Richards for Having “No Loyalty” to Kathy Hilton After Lisa Rinna Brands Her “Black-hearted”

On the September 28 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a spiteful Lisa Rinna marred a touching moment of reunion between two sisters. What’s worse? Fans of the program are not thrilled with Kyle Richards, even after she accepted her apologies, because she did not defend her sister Kathy Hilton against Rinna’s brutal diatribe.

One of the season’s main events occurred in Aspen, and Hilton doesn’t hold back from discussing it. She apologized to each of her siblings and acknowledged that she had spoken harshly about her sister. The evening concluded with a sorrowful but consoling embrace between the two sisters.

Hilton kept apologizing to Rinna for her filthy conduct, but Rinna was having none of it, telling Hilton that she needs “some assistance” and needed to figure out why she has “a dark heart.”

Kyle Richards for Having No Loyalty to Kathy Hilton

Through it all, Rinna scoffed at Hilton’s apologies and told her to “have her tears” Richards said nothing when the socialite started bawling, save to mention that she hoped there wouldn’t be any tension between her real sister and Rinna, who is “like” her sister. Hey, Kyle.

Viewers of the broadcast were eager to go attack the reality star for her silence on the topic.

One user remarked, “I could never allow a buddy to assault one of my sisters.” Kyle is the worst for dismissing Rinna after Kathy really apologized.

Somebody else put it like way: “All I know is… Kim would have Kathy’s back like a genuine sister.”

Another user commented, “@KyleRichards being the youngest of three sisters, there is no way in hell I would ever sit there and let @lisarinna talk to and about my sister like that!” Disgusting!”

Someone more vented, “Let’s face it Kyle has no devotion to her sisters at all.” They’re more of a passing acquaintance than actual buddies. “Kyle is no better than that monstrosity of an ex-soap opera star Lisa Rinna if she sits back and lets that Botox lip-injected Rinna speaks about and about her sister.”

Richards’ handling of Hilton in Aspen drew criticism from other people.

An avid supporter of Kyle’s said, “Hiding a purse is not the same as shaming your sister for what she’s wearing, placing her in a basement, and not having her back the entire trip.”

As another user put it, “@KathyHilton it was awful to observe how you were treated at Aspen. Never put your faith in Kyle Richards; she is a snake. We wouldn’t have known who Kyle was or that Rinna was such a vile person if not for your family.

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