Fatal Quadruple Shooting in Northeast Philadelphia Leaves Three Dead, Authorities Confirm

In the Lawncrest neighborhood of the city, four people were shot on Friday afternoon. Three of those victims passed away.

Just after 3:30 p.m., this occurred on the 5900 block of Palmetto Street.

“Bro! That’s my son!” exclaimed one person.

After three young people were shot and killed Friday mid-afternoon, Lawncrest families are in mourning. The victims’ ages are estimated by the police to be between 15 and 20.

Shierea Owens stated, “We have to do better as a community, as a whole, and we have to accept accountability.

Police in Philadelphia discovered three victims—one inside the house, one on the porch, and one on the sidewalk. They were all gone.

A 16-year-old was shot in the stomach as the fourth casualty.

John Stanford, deputy police commissioner, stated that the patient is currently listed as being in stable condition. Officers were able to identify the vehicle that may have dropped off the person, though.

Several minutes after the shooting, a black SUV can be seen on security footage colliding with a parked minivan on Whitaker Avenue. Two individuals from the SUV then fled the scene. However, police quickly apprehended them and assert that they may have dropped the 16-year-old victim off at a hospital prior to the collision.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Police discovered a gun inside the SUV, and there was also damage left behind.

At this point, homicide will question those people and the vehicle still needs to be examined.

While investigators try to determine what caused the gunfire, neighbors are in fear.

“There’s no accountability today,” Owens declared.

When taking her daughter, 7, home from school, Owens had to navigate crime scene tape.

Petrillo: Are you worried about the safety of your own daughter as she grows up in the city?

Owens: I’m really at this moment. That is too personal.

Another shooting that claims more innocent lives has an impact on even seasoned detectives.

Stanford added, “It’s upsetting because, once more, I know the work that our men and women are doing in attempting to halt, try to avoid these types of situations from happening.

Homicide detectives are once more questioning two individuals. We’re informed that, like some of the victims, they might also be teens.

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