Fbi Director  Worried About Hidden Chinese Police Posts in Us

Fbi Director  Worried About Hidden Chinese Police Posts in Us: According to Christopher Wray, the FBI is looking into the possibility that the presence of stations in New York constitutes an infringement of the state’s sovereignty.

The Head of the Fbi Was Worried About Secret Chinese Police Posts in the Us

FBI Director Christopher Wray has expressed worry that the Chinese government may be setting up unauthorized “police stations” in American cities to possibly conduct influence operations. The United States is very concerned about this possibility.

“This is something that worries me a great deal. Wray acknowledged the FBI’s investigation work on the matter but declined to disclose details. He was testifying before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in the United States. “We are aware of the existence of these stations,” Wray said during the hearing.

To my mind, however, it is inconceivable that the Chinese police would try to establish a presence outside of China, say in New York, without first engaging in the necessary level of cooperation. It is a violation of sovereignty and avoids the normal procedures for judicial and law enforcement collaboration.”

Wray responded that the FBI was “looking into the legal boundaries” in response to a question from Republican Senator Rick Scott about whether or not such stations violated US law.

A study that was published in September by Safeguard Defenders, a human rights organization located in Europe, revealed the presence of hundreds of Chinese police “service stations” in major cities throughout the world, including New York.

According to the article, the stations were an extension of Beijing’s efforts to exert pressure on some Chinese citizens or their families living outside of China to return to China to face criminal prosecution. In addition to this, it connected them to the operations of China’s United Front Work Department, which is a body of the Communist party that is responsible for propagating the party’s ideology in other countries.

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Fbi Director  Worried About Hidden Chinese Police Posts in Us
In October, Republican members of the House of Representatives, including Greg Murphy and Mike Waltz, sent letters to the Justice Department in which they questioned whether or not the administration of President Joe Biden was investigating such stations and argued that they could be used to intimidate residents of the United States who were of Chinese descent.

A request for comment sent to the Chinese Embassy in Washington was not immediately met with a response.

After an investigation by Dutch authorities, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated earlier this month that it did not have any such stations in the Netherlands. China stated that these were offices designed to assist Chinese residents in the process of document renewal.

Wray stated that several charges had been brought against the Chinese government for its behavior in the United States, which included harassing, stalking, surveilling, and blackmailing individuals in the United States who did not agree with the policies of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

He stated, “It’s a genuine problem and something that we’re talking about with our international partners as well since we’re not the only place where this has occurred.” “It’s a real problem and something that we’re talking about with our overseas colleagues, as well.”

In October, the United States unsealed criminal charges against seven Chinese nationals who are accused of engaging in a campaign of surveillance and harassment against a US resident and his family. According to the allegations, this was done at the behest of the Chinese government, which was attempting to return one of the individuals to China.

It was the most recent instance of the Justice Department’s “Operation Fox Hunt” campaign, which targets China’s efforts to seek down persons in other countries whom Beijing considers to be suspects in criminal activity.

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