Federal Judge Denies Daughter’s Execution Request

Federal Judge Denies Daughter’s Execution Request: The plea of a 19-year-old woman to be present at her father’s execution in Missouri the next week was denied by a federal judge.  Kevin Johnson will be executed by lethal injection on Tuesday for the murder of William McEntee, a police officer in Kirkwood, Missouri, in the year 2005.

The Daughter’s Request for Capital Punishment Was Denied by the Federal Judge

A federal court denied a 19-year-desire old’s to attend her father’s Missouri execution next week. Kevin Johnson will be injected Tuesday for killing Kirkwood, Missouri Police Officer William McEntee in 2005. On Monday, the Missouri Supreme Court will hear Johnson’s appeals to stop his execution. Johnson wants his daughter Khorry Ramey to attend the execution, and she wants to. Missouri law prohibits under-21s from seeing executions.

Last Monday, the ACLU filed an emergency request in Kansas City federal court. The ACLU’s legal brief stated the under-21 ban violates Ramey’s Constitutional rights and provides no safety benefit. The state’s statute does not violate Ramey’s rights, according to U.S. District Judge Brian Wimes. “I’m devastated that I won’t be able to be with my dad in his dying moments,” Ramey said in a Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty statement.

“My dad is my life. Despite his incarceration, he has always supported me. My only father is excellent. He tried hard to rehabilitate in prison. I hope Gov. Parson pardons my dad.” Johnson, 37, has been imprisoned since Ramey was 2. The ACLU claimed visits, phone conversations, emails, and letters had helped them bond. Her newborn boy met his grandfather in prison last month.

We mournKhouryy. In the MADP statement, Johnson’s attorney Shawn Nolan stated, “Every part of this case is a tragedy, but we guarantee Khorry that we are not done fighting for her father.” Johnson’s attorneys believe two Missouri Supreme Court motions will stop his execution. Johnson’s lawyers and the St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office are filing motions. Nolan said the special prosecutor uncovered additional evidence last month. Johnson’s counsel claims racism influenced his death penalty request.

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Federal Judge Denies Daughter's Execution Request
In 2007, the jury deadlocked, convicting Johnson of second-degree murder. A fresh jury convicted him of first-degree murder months later. “Our goal is that the Missouri Supreme Court will issue the stay to suspend the execution and send this case back to the lower court for the evidentiary development so that the special prosecutor and us may present our evidence of racial foundation in this case,” Nolan said.

Many thought Gov. Mike Parson would award Johnson mercy, but he stated this week he will let the case go. Johnson has been on death row since 2007 for killing 46-year-old Kirkwood Police Sgt. William McEntee. Johnson was murdered at 19. On July 5, 2005, McEntee served Johnson’s arrest warrant. Police claimed Johnson breached probation for abusing his girlfriend. After awakening his 12-year-old brother, Joseph “Bam Bam” Long, the youngster went to his grandmother’s house next store and had a seizure and fell.

Johnson testified that McEntee prevented his mother from helping him. Hospitalized Bam Bam died. Later that night, Johnson shot and killed McEntee when he went to the area to check on pyrotechnics. Nolan stated that if the Supreme Court stays the execution, Kevin would not go home. “We would go back to the circuit court, which is the trial court, and the special prosecutor will submit the material he has unearthed in the previous month that he has had the case.”

After a new statute approved by the Missouri General Assembly last year, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case. Johnson’s family hopes these last-minute attempts stop his execution. “Your history doesn’t define you—you may do something awful in your past, but you can be a better person today,” Ramey remarked. “Even though he’s carrying all of this, he’s still trying to be there for his daughter and his grandson.”

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