Felon in Southwest Florida Receives Sentence for Brandishing Firearm in Instagram Post

A Florida offender who was previously incarcerated and was shown brandishing a pistol in a social media post received a 2 1/2-year federal prison term.

According to court documents, Terry Kristopher Flournoy, 23, was sentenced on Friday in Fort Myers federal court. In December, he admitted to illegally having a handgun.

The tweet below confirms the news:

According to court filings, Flournoy uploaded a video on Instagram at a nearby restaurant in April 2020, prompting Fort Myers police officers to detain him on the basis of an active arrest warrant. Prosecutors claim that on the same day, Flournoy uploaded another video to social media in which he is seen pointing what appears to be a Glock pistol in the direction of the camera.

Officers claimed to have found a loaded Glock during Flournoy’s arrest, and Flournoy’s fingerprint was later found inside the weapon’s magazine.

Federal law forbids felons like Flournoy from having access to weapons or ammunition, according to the prosecution. According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Flournoy has been convicted of felony offenses such as burglary, theft of a vehicle, and theft of a firearm.

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