Fiery Crash on I-475 South Kills Three People

According to Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones, an accident that occurred on I-475 South in Macon resulted in the deaths of three persons.

It took place on Sunday afternoon in the vicinity of Eisenhower and Thomaston Roads at about 14:00 hours.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office stated in a release that a black Chevrolet SUV was driving southbound on I-475 just beyond the Thomaston Road bridge when it drove off the road and hit a tree. This information was provided by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

After then, the truck went on fire.

Coroner Luanne Stone arrived at the site and determined that all three victims were deceased at that time.

Fiery Crash on I-475 South Kills Three People

The reason for the collision is currently being investigated by the authorities.

No identities will be made public until the next of kin have been contacted, so please be patient.

The mishap did not result in any other people being hurt.

In conclusion, we can conclude that overspeeding kills many people due to the lack of regulation on the speed limit on highways. please check out our previous article on “Protests in Iran Over the Murder of Mahsa Amini Continue into a Third Week

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