Fire At The Genetti Apartments Has Led To A Lawsuit For Wrongful Death

Nearly a year after a fire killed someone in the Genetti Apartments, the victim’s daughter filed a 12-count civil lawsuit in Luzerne County Court, claiming that Gus Genetti Hotel and Restaurant of Wilkes-Barre, Inc. and its subsidiaries were not doing enough to keep tenants safe.

Attorney Francis J. Curran Jr. of the Curran Firm in Media, Pennsylvania, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Lisa Wilson, who is in charge of her father Larry Wilson’s estate. The suit says that the hotel-turned-apartments didn’t follow housing and building codes, didn’t have enough fire protection and suppression devices, didn’t have fire safety inspections, and didn’t have fire escapes.

Wilkes-Barre City firefighters who were called to a fire on the same floor on January 25, 2022, found 67-year-old Larry Wilson dead in his room on the third floor. Hanover Township and Kingston sent firefighters to help at the scene.

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According to the Luzerne County Coroner’s Office, Larry Wilson died from breathing in smoke. His death was ruled to have been a mistake. An investigation found that careless smoking caused the fire.

More than 125 people had to leave their homes, and some of them got medical help at the scene. The fire killed two dogs.

After the fire, City Fire Chief Jay Delaney said that when firefighters arrived, the fire alarms were already going off and several people were already outside. The building at the corner of South Pennsylvania Avenue and East Market Street has 104 apartments. The Redington Hotel was there before. In the lawsuit, both the hotel and its owner, Gus Genetti, are listed as defendants.

Fire At The Genetti Apartments Has Led To A Lawsuit For Wrongful Death

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According to the lawsuit, fire alarms would go off often even when there were no fires, and the building didn’t have any working smoke detectors or fire sprinklers.

“Larry Wilson died from the fire’s heat, thermal burns, and smoke inhalation because the defendants were careless and didn’t put up enough fire protection,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says that each of negligence, wrongful death, and survival action are to blame on four counts. Lisa Wilson wants more than $50,000 in each case.

Thursday, no one could reach Gus Genetti to get his opinion. After the fire last year, the building is still being fixed up.

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