Former Playboy Model Pleads Guilty to Murdering 71-year-old Physician Discovered in Car Trunk

Former Playboy Model Pleads Guilty to Murdering: PEOPLE learns that a former Playboy and Maxim model who made headlines in 2019 when she was arrested in connection with the death of a renowned doctor has quietly filed a guilty plea.

This Former Playboy Model Pled Guilty to Killing

This past week, a woman who had worked as a Playboy model in the past pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of a 71-year-old psychiatrist who was discovered dead in Las Vegas as a result of blunt force trauma. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma. The woman was charged in connection with the death of the psychiatrist. According to the information provided by the victim to the authorities, the model was reportedly receiving financial help from the victim.

According to the documents that were made public by the Clark County District Court in April 2019, Kelsey Turner, age 29, was arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder in connection with the death of Thomas Burchard, who was a resident of Salinas, California. The documents were released in connection with the investigation into the death of Burchard. In April 2019, the body of Burchard was discovered.

According to the documents that were submitted to the court on Wednesday, Turner allegedly entered a guilty plea to the charges against him. Turner has decided to enter a guilty plea to a charge of murder in the second degree in exchange for her defense team’s approval to a settlement that would allow her to continue to argue that she is innocent of the crime while having pleaded guilty.

According to a report that was distributed by The Californian, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network, the Las Vegas police claimed that Burchard flew from California to Las Vegas, which is where Turner resided at the time, in order to end their relationship that had lasted for two years. The relationship had been going on between the two of them for the previous two years. It is reported that he gave her an allowance throughout that period and that the payment was sufficient enough to meet the expense of her rent.

Former Playboy Model Pleads Guilty to Murdering
According to the information provided in the story, Burchard’s body was discovered a short while later in the trunk of an abandoned Mercedes-Benz. The automobile was discovered abandoned on a desert road close to Lake Mead, in response to a complaint filed by Burchard’s long-term girlfriend that he had gone missing. A direct strike to the skull is what ultimately led to Burchard’s passing since this was declared to be the cause of death in the case.

A statement from Judy Earp, who was dating Burchard at the time, is included in a warrant. In this comment, she is quoted as implying that she had suspicions that Turner was engaged in the crime.

Earp disclosed to The Californian that her boyfriend had paid the younger lady at least $300,000 over the course of the prior two years. This information was provided to Earp by The Californian. This material has been provided to The Californian newspaper.

Earp mentioned that she had not interacted with the model in person, but she did mention that Burchard had known Turner for a span of two years. In addition to this, she said that Burchard was acquainted with Turner.

Earp is reported to have said, “He was always assisting others.” “You are well-versed in the lives of everyone who has a troubled history. There were some people who took advantage of the situation.”

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