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The Future of Game Asset Exchange. In-game money and NFTs can be transferred across games.
The future of gaming asset trading lies with Game X Change. It positions itself as the global protocol for the movement of assets and in-game money! It wants to become one of the top blockchain gaming technology solutions providers with Play and Earn Game SDK integration, NFT marketplace (incl. APIs), In-game Currency Networks, Cross Chain NFT, and NFT tools. Using Game X Change’s in-game currencies and NFT assets, developers may create new and exciting games.

What is Game X Change Potion (‘$GXP’)
Game X Change is an exchange service where users may shift assets (virtual cash and NFTs) from one platform, game, or blockchain to another in a safe and controlled fashion.
GXP is the utility token on the Game X Change platform that delivers rewards for playing, earning, farming, and prizes throughout the network. Users can’t use the platform or its services unless they have 2200 GXP. This covers game conversion, NFT marketplace, and staking. To be eligible for prizes, each NFT staked on the Game X Change must have GXP backing it up. Users can utilize GXP to purchase common weapons in battle and earn from AAA steam gaming.
GXP may be employed within various games on the Game X Change platform based on developer requirements.
Game Developers & Blockchain Projects
Game X Change provides the tools and technology that allows creators (varying from indie/small to major) to incorporate blockchain technology into their games by producing digital assets and currency through the platform.
Developers can use our native tokens or their game currency/token by utilizing the patent-pending technology of Game X Change. Yes, that’s right, developers and companies will now be able to utilize their tokens in this vast play and earn and blockchain gaming environment! It’s as simple as promoting, linking, and optimizing titles on one platform to speed up the blockchain gaming experience for developers.
Having complete control over a project’s assets and currency will help it to provide a better gaming experience for its game titles as well as the broader network.
Holders as well as Players
For holders and gamers, the purpose remains the same but considerably more impactful!

Transfer and actualize assets & currencies from game to game utilizing Game X Change. Play, earn, and get rewarded for gaming.

Game X Change
Game X Change
Players can interact with the Game X Change ecosystem by the following:
  • 🎮 Play and Earn by transferring in-game currencies and NFT between games
  • 🖼️ Import NFT purchased NFTs into integrated games to be used
  • ♻️ Convert game currencies directly to $GXP
  • 🛍️ Buy NFT passes and play connected Steam games like PUBG, Rocket League, Destiny 2, CSGO, GTA V, The Witcher, and Rust. Convert those achievements into $GXP and other cryptocurrencies. New games are always added!
  • 🛒 Purchase limited-time partner NFTs from the Game X Change Marketplace or buy admission passes using $GXP.
  • 🎁 Collect Exclusive NFTs to sell in the global market.
  • ⛏️ Stake NFTs paired with $GXP to receive from the ecosystem treasury.

Roadmap & Vision
Game X Change’s onboarding of developers, projects, and games will be one of our primary goals. We want to make it as simple as possible for developers and projects to take advantage of the wide range of blockchain gaming technologies that we have available to them.

In the coming months, we’ll focus on creating Market APIs to enable a smooth experience when buying and importing assets. Direct in-game overlay connectivity to our marketplace is something we’re currently working on. Through the “NFT Anywhere” NFT interoperability initiative, players and projects will be able to move their NFTs between different blockchains. This will create a new phenomenon of “playing the game no matter the chain”. With several lined up already, we anticipate onboarding more developers and projects within the coming months!

Here at Game X Change, we’re happy to have you!

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