Gamera Rebirth Anime Confirmed for September Release

Kadokawa conducted a presentation for the upcoming GAMERA -Rebirth- anime on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con, when the series’ global Netflix release date of September 7 was announced.

The opening theme Natsuake, performed by the Japanese band WANIMA, may be heard in a new teaser that was also produced to commemorate the impending release. The trailer may be seen down below.

Watch The Trailer:

The final kaiju to be unveiled is stated after the cast and crew are listed.


  • Hisako Kanemoto as “Boko”
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as “Joe”
  • Aki Toyosaki as “Junichi”
  • Subaru Kimura as “Brody”
  • Mamoru Miyano as “Tazaki”
  • Saori Hayami as “Emiko”

Here is an official Tweet posted by GAMERA -Rebirth:

The staff of GAMERA – Rebirth

  • Original Concept: KADOKAWA
  • Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Assistant Director: Keisuke Ide
  • Series Composition: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko & Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Script: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko, Tetsuya Yamada & Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Character Design: Atsushi Tamura
  • Kaiju Design: Kan Takahama
  • Production Design: Naoya Tanaka & Ferdinando Patulli
  • Mechanical Design: Takehiko Hoashi
  • Animation Director: Kouji
  • Modeling Director and Lighting Director: Mitsunori Kataama
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Music Composer: Shuji Katayama
  • Animation: ENGI

The remains of Viras were discovered beneath the mining base on Yonaguni Island. It is golden.

the capacity to emit a powerful particle beam from the apex of its lengthy tentacles and shell

a shield that can fend off even Gamera’s fireballs, and a head.

In his description of the anime, Kadokawa says:

Last summer. Friends. And Kaiju.

In the summer of 1989, sixth graders Boko, Joe, and Junichi are on their last summer vacation as elementary school students.

As if to cut through their daily routine, a monster named Gyaos suddenly attacks Tokyo.

The four are petrified in midst of a town turned to ruins. As Gyaos sets its sight on them, a huge turtle-shaped kaiju appears in front of the boys.

Its name is Gamera. Despite its injuries, Gamera fights Gyaos with all its might.

This would only mark the beginning of the boys’ “Summer of Kaiju”.

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